Judge refuses to delay tribal trust fund suits (12/20)

Judge dismisses lawsuit over gaming land determination (12/17)

Seminole Tribe spends millions to acquire land (12/17)

Grand Traverse Band out of land-into-trust 'hole' (12/14)

Soboba Band plans hotel next to golf course (12/14)

Wisconsin tribe cites potential land-into-trust shift at BIA (12/13)

OIG report looks into land-into-trust consortium (12/13)

Wisconsin tribe sues BIA over off-reservation gaming (12/10)

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Utah Navajos seek extension for state trust fund (12/04)

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2nd Circuit hears Oneida Nation foreclosure case (11/07)

Terminated Utes hope to keep trust lawsuit alive (11/06)

2nd Circuit to hear Oneida Nation foreclosure case (11/05)

City to appeal Shakopee land-into-trust decision (10/30)

County waits on Shakopee land-into-trust appeal (10/24)

Deadline nears on Shakopee land-into-trust (10/23)

Rhode Island appeals land-into-trust ruling (10/19)

ITMA set for conference in Las Vegas this month (10/16)

BIA still having trouble accounting for land-into-trust (10/05)

Appeal of Shakopee land-into-trust decision weighed (09/28)

DOI's royalty computer system under investigation (09/27)

BIA agency lacks accounting for millions in trust (09/25)

Audit finds Indian trust management problems (09/24)

Court: Navajo Nation owed money for bungled lease (09/14)

Yurok Tribe debates use of $93M trust fund (09/04)

Massachusetts tribe files first land-into-trust bids (08/31)

Interior attorney accused of disclosing trust data (08/29)

Navajo allottees plan another trust lawsuit (08/24)

Navajo beneficiaries owed more than $2M (08/23)

OST tries to find owners of millions in trust funds (08/21)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe compensates members (08/10)

OST can't find owners of more than $70M in trust funds (08/02)

Swimmer admits 'mistakes' by top OST officials (07/31)

White House blocked testimony on trust responsibility (07/27)

White House revised Grim's testimony on trust (07/26)

Southern Ute Tribe worth about $4B thanks to resources (07/24)

Appeals court backs tribe in land-into-trust dispute (07/23)

Santo Domingo Pueblo faces property tax claim (07/16)

Oneida Nation ties trust fund to high school education (07/13)

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Wisconsin tribe opposes Oneida Nation trust land (06/21)

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Judge dismisses New York land-into-trust lawsuit (06/06)

Group puts spin on Indian rights-of-way study (05/22)

Report maintains status quo on Indian rights-of-way (05/16)

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BIA to act on Oneida Nation land-into-trust (05/10)

Director of MMS to step down at end of month (05/08)

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Bush aide linked to Special Trustee firing resigns (03/14)

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Hoopa Valley Tribe weighs options on trust fund (03/05)

Indian beneficiaries finding long-lost money (03/05)

Swimmer says $90M trust fund owed to Yurok Tribe (03/02)

OST trying to find Indians who are owed millions (03/02)

Interview: Ross Swimmer not ready to close shop (02/27)

GAO finds unresolved Indian trust management problems (02/08)

Another hearing on Oneida Nation land-into-trust (02/07)

Interior reopens comment period on trust reform rules (02/01)

Navajo Nation reaches interim rights-of-way deal (01/29)

Oil company owes million for underpaid royalties (01/25)

Indian plaintiffs lose trust fund ruling despite DOI delay (01/25)

Appeals court revives mixed-blood Ute lawsuit (01/22)

OST officials rewarded despite questionable record (01/17)

Senate panel to hold oversight hearing on DOI royalties (01/16)

ITMA schedules February meeting in Albuquerque (01/16)

Tribes file trust mismanagement suit (01/12)

BIA schedules another Oneida land-into-trust meeting (01/10)

Interior raises royalty rate for offshore drilling (01/10)

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Rep. Issa introduces Pechanga land-into-trust bill (01/05)

Democrats to repeal oil and gas royalty incentives (01/04)

Tribes file class action trust accounting lawsuit (01/04)

Navajo Nation still working on rights-of-way deal (01/03)

DOI official under investigation for ties to industry (01/02)