President Obama signs Bridgeport land and Pascua Yaqui bills (12/21)

Two South Dakota tribes share $6M from trust fund settlements (12/20)

House approves bill to help Quapaw Tribe resolve trust dispute (12/20)

Native Sun News: Group eyes cut of Standing Rock settlement (12/13)

Colville Tribes won't share rest of $193M trust fund settlement (12/12)

GAO: Minerals on Indian lands worth $3.5B in fiscal year 2011 (12/12)

Senate passes Bridgeport land-into-trust, Pascua Yaqui bills (12/12)

Opinion: Clear land-into-trust standard needed for Carcieri fix (12/05)

Mescalero Apache Tribe to share per cap from $33M settlement (12/04)

House Resources Committee markup for Barona Band land bill (12/04)

Land-into-trust fix remains in limbo as end of year approaches (12/04)

County sues BIA over Ho-Chunk Nation land-into-trust papers (12/03)

BIA completes regulations to speed leasing in Indian Country (11/28)

Hoopa Valley Tribe approves $10K per capita from settlement (11/27)

Sen. Reid cites continuing negotiations for a land-into-trust fix (11/27)

Land-into-trust fix could come up for consideration in Senate (11/26)

South Dakota tribes received $101M for trust fund settlements (11/20)

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes consider per cap vote (11/20)

Per cap payout from Ute Mountain Ute boosts local businesses (11/14)

Cherokee Nation council supports UKB land-into-trust litigation (11/14)

County seeks delay in potential land transfer to Chumash Tribe (11/14)

North Dakota tribe sees ups and downs in energy development (11/09)

NCAI optimistic on a land-into-trust fix, VAWA during lame-duck (11/09)

Speculation begins on makeup of Obama's second term Cabinet (11/08)

Pawnee Nation still working on per cap from $4.4M settlement (11/01)

Confederated Salish and Kootenai group wants another per cap (10/31)

Hoopa Valley Tribe pushed to distribute $49M trust settlement (10/31)

Petitions ask Mescalero Apache Tribe to share trust settlement (10/31)

Chumash Tribe looking to acquire federal site with sacred cave (10/30)

Mescalero Apache Tribe urged to share $33M trust settlement (10/30)

Aide to Sen. Akaka confident on support for a land-into-trust fix (10/25)

Kevin Washburn addresses NCAI for first time as leader of BIA (10/23)

Native Sun News: Cheyenne River landowners sue over flooding (10/19)

Chumash Tribe looking to avoid land-into-trust process at site (10/16)

Sen. Akaka to push land-into-trust fix after November election (10/12)

North Dakota tribe to move forward with plans for oil refinery (10/11)

Obama signs Minnesota Chippewa Tribe trust fund bill into law (10/09)

BIA won't let city see Ottawa Tribe's land-into-trust application (10/03)

County challenges Miccosukee Tribe land-into-trust application (10/03)

Fort Peck Tribes distribute per capita from trust fund settlement (10/03)

Nisqually Tribe reaches agreement for newly acquired trust site (10/02)

Hualapai Tribe considers per capita from $5.4M trust settlement (10/02)

Poarch Creeks dispute latest attack on legal status of trust lands (10/01)

BIA ordered to reconsider Oneida Nation land-into-trust ruling (09/26)

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe awaits $28M payout in land dispute (09/25)

OST handles more than $3.7B in trust for tribes and individuals (09/25)

Senate passes three Indian measures during late night session (09/24)

Obama nominates Vince Logan, Osage, as new Special Trustee (09/24)

Press Release: Secretary Salazar on Vincent Logan, Special Trustee Nominee (09/21)

More tribal trust fund settlements expected in coming weeks (09/20)

Native Sun News: Panel talks energy leases in Indian Country (09/20)

Navajo Nation signs deed to place property in Arizona in trust (09/19)

IRS official questioned about taxation of per capita payments (09/19)

County suing BIA for Ho-Chunk Nation land-into-trust papers (09/19)

Delaware Tribe debates change in trust fund management (09/18)

County weighs lawsuit on Ho-Chunk Nation land-into-trust (09/18)

Rosebud Sioux Tribe to seek trust status for Black Hills site (09/17)

Grand Traverse Band submitted land-into-trust application (09/14)

SoundCloud: House hearing on taxation and per capitas (09/14)

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes share in per caps (09/13)

Witness list for House hearing on taxation and per capitas (09/13)

OST urges Indian beneficiaries to read IRS notice on per caps (09/12)

Pawnee Nation approves per caps from trust fund settlement (09/12)

Hoopa Valley Tribe open to distribution for trust settlement (09/11)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pushed to share trust settlement (09/11)

Witness list for SCIA hearing on Carcieri and Patchak rulings (09/11)

Confederated Salish and Kootenai per cap goes out this week (09/10)

Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Carcieri, Patchak (09/10)

Village debates appeal after losing Oneida Nation taxation case (09/07)

Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs sets hearing (09/07)

IRS affirms per capita payouts from trust settlements not taxable (09/06)

Oneida Nation wins lawsuit over local taxation of trust property (09/06)

San Pasqual Band considers plan to develop full grocery store (09/04)

Fort Peck Tribes continue to weigh per cap on $75M settlement (08/30)

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes to share $10K per cap (08/30)

Crowds line up for Northern Cheyenne Tribe's per cap checks (08/27)

Pawnee Nation debates uses for $4.4M trust fund settlement (08/27)

Northern Cheyenne Tribe to distribute trust fund settlement (08/23)

Social Security Administration issues ruling on trust payouts (08/23)

Colville Tribes will share another $58M from trust settlement (08/22)

County provides response in Chumash Tribe land-into-trust flap (08/15)

Rep. Young not planning for Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bill (08/08)

Nisqually Tribe looking to open gas station on newly acquired site (08/02)

Colville Tribes start sending checks from $193M trust settlement (08/02)

Poarch Creeks discuss land-into-trust issues with local officials (08/01)

Coushatta man pays $250K in restitution for fire at tribe's store (08/01)

Salish and Kootenai group eyes bigger share of trust settlement (08/01)

North Dakota tribe submits land-into-trust application for ranch (08/01)

Salish and Kootenai Tribes to share half of $150M trust payout (07/31)

Nez Perce Tribe donates $3M to NARF for work on trust fund case (07/30)

House subcommittee weighs bills affecting Oregon tribal lands (07/26)

Coeur d'Alene Tribe received $18M as part of trust settlement (07/26)

Opposition groups appeal Chumash Tribe land-into-trust ruling (07/26)

Narragansett Tribe looking to talk land-into-trust with governor (07/24)

Nez Perce Tribe sharing $34M trust settlement with membership (07/24)

Colville Tribes to vote on $193M trust settlement per capita plan (07/24)

Passamaquoddy Tribe sends trust fund settlement to members (07/18)

Chumash Tribe battles land-into-trust opponents for 10+ years (07/12)

County won't dispute Chumash Tribe land-into-trust application (07/11)

Editorial: Challenge Chumash Tribe's land-into-trust application (07/10)

BIA approves land-into-trust bid for Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe (07/10)

Native Sun News: Native landowners square off against Sitka Tribe (07/06)

BIA approves three land-into-trust acquisitions for Pueblo tribes (07/06)

Makah Nation acquires ceded lands with $25M trust settlement (06/27)

BIA cites Carcieri in backing Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bid (06/27)

Lytton Band to pay more than $1M to cover land-into-trust bid (06/27)

BLM offers more time on fracking rules that affect Indian lands (06/27)

Blackfeet Nation to distribute part of $19M trust fund settlement (06/22)

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation seeks to diversify economic holdings (06/22)

Pueblos plan commercial development at Santa Fe Indian School (06/21)

Chumash Tribe critics hail Supreme Court's land-into-trust ruling (06/21)

Sen. Bingaman opposes bill for Pueblo economic development (06/20)

Fond du Lac Band plans to distribute trust fund to its members (06/20)

House approves bill to distribute Minnesota Chippewa trust fund (06/19)

Supreme Court decision kills California land-into-trust measure (06/19)

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe leader faces recall over trust settlement (06/15)

Turtle Talk: Fixing the land-into-trust decision for Michigan tribes (06/15)

Gas station executive calls Michigan tribe 'thieves' and 'felons' (06/14)

Turtle Talk: DOI and DOJ used to argue separately in trust cases (06/14)

Land-into-trust bill in California due for consideration next week (06/14)

BIA moving forward on Lytton Band land-into-trust application (06/11)

Editorial: Put California land-into-trust bill back into the grinder (06/07)

Stockbridge-Munsee Community upset over land-into-trust flap (06/07)

Some Colville leaders support per caps from $193M settlement (06/07)

House approves measure for Pascua Yaqui Tribe land-into-trust (06/06)

Pascua Yaqui land bill, Alaska Native land bill on House schedule (06/04)

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes agrees to distribute $60M settlement (06/04)

Colville Tribes pushed to distribute more from $193M settlement (06/04)

Law firm for Cobell case also worked on tribal trust settlements (06/04)

Quapaw Tribe seeks help from Congress in settling trust lawsuit (06/01)

Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves report on Carcieri bill (05/25)

Hoopa Valley Tribe expects to receive $49.2M trust settlement (05/24)

Passamaquoddy Tribe ready to receive $11.4 trust settlement (05/24)

Creek Nation pays $1.1M to city after taking control of business (05/23)

Rep. Young won't introduce Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bill (05/21)

Seneca Nation adds 55 acres to reservation for housing project (05/21)

Timbisha Shoshone Tribe vows to continue battle for trust fund (05/18)

Federal judge approves 25 settlements in tribal trust lawsuits (05/17)

DC Circuit dismisses challenge to Western Shoshone trust bill (05/16)

SCIA hearing on Thursday on the federal trust responsibility (05/14)

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe distributes trust fund to its members (05/09)

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes accept $60M to settle trust lawsuit (04/30)

Round Valley Indian Tribes receive $8.5M trust settlement (04/25)

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe accepts $42.6M in trust settlement (04/24)

House Resources Committee markup for five bills of interest (04/23)

Makah Nation settles trust mismanagement lawsuit for $25M (04/23)

Oglala Sioux Tribe requests investigation into 75 deaths (04/19)

Creek Nation wants to put newly purchased site in trust (04/19)

Stockbridge-Munsee land-into-trust deal stirs debates (04/18)

Poarch Band battles county on status of trust property (04/18)

Tule River Tribe receives $7.1M for trust fund settlement (04/17)

Alabama county cites Carcieri in bid to tax Poarch Creeks (04/16)

Irene Cuch: The future of the federal trust responsibility (04/13)

Quechan Nation to receive $3M for trust fund settlement (04/13)

MPR: Chippewa Tribe receives $2M from trust settlement (04/13)

BSPR: Three Idaho tribes sharing in $1B trust settlement (04/13)

NARF cites Obama as catalyst for tribal trust settlements (04/13)

Leech Lake Band receives $3.5M in trust fund settlement (04/13)

Utah Navajo programs at standstill in trust fund dispute (04/12)

Video: Announcement of $1B settlement in tribal lawsuits (04/12)

Settlement amounts in tribal trust cases cover big range (04/12)

Tribal leaders hail $1B in trust management settlements (04/11)

DOI/DOJ press release on $1B in tribal trust settlements (04/11)

Chumash Tribe cites economic benefits of land-into-trust (04/11)

White House event on settlements in tribal trust lawsuits (04/11)

8th Circuit backs Yankton Sioux land-into-trust application (04/06)

Ute Tribe in Utah announces trust management settlement (04/06)

Passamaquoddy Tribe reaches $11.4M trust fund settlement (04/02)

Colville Tribes debate uses for $193M trust fund settlement (03/30)

Navajos in Utah file another lawsuit over trust management (03/30)

Trust land blossoms into homeless camp under BIA's watch (03/20)

Richard Pombo sees 'no chance' to pass land-into-trust fix (03/15)

BIA approves land-into-trust application for Mohegan Tribe (03/14)

Blackfeet Nation weighs $19M trust management settlement (03/08)

Echo Hawk points to big increase in land-into-trust approval (03/08)

Fronteras: Sycuan Band sees opposition for land-into-trust (03/07)

White House official also hopeful for tribal trust settlements (03/06)

Witness list for House hearing on IHS and OST budget request (03/06)

Leech Lake Band threatens litigation over share of trust fund (03/05)

Opinion: United Keetoowah Band not equal to Cherokee Nation (03/02)

MPR: House panel debates Minnesota Chippewa trust fund bill (03/02)

Expect more announcements for tribal trust fund settlements (03/01)

Witness List: House hearing on Chippewa trust fund measure (03/01)

Leech Lake chairman to testify against trust fund legislation (02/29)

Fort Peck Tribes reach $75M trust management settlement (02/28)

Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearings (02/27)

Colville Tribes reach $193M trust management settlement (02/27)

Colville Tribes face opposition to land-into-trust application (02/17)

Bill authorizes distribution of $28M Chippewa judgment funds (02/16)

Tulalip brothers file lawsuit over BIA's handling of allotment (02/13)

OST continues a downward trend with latest budget request (02/13)

Witness List: House subcommittee hearing on Indian land bill (02/06)

California county cites concerns about land-into-trust bids (01/30)

Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearing (01/30)

City to oppose Shakopee Tribe's land-into-trust application (01/25)

Opinion: Land-into-trust wasn't intended for 'wealthy' tribes (01/19)

Ray Joseph, senior trust reform official, leaves Interior post (01/18)

Shakopee Tribe aims for better relations over land-into-trust (01/11)

WPR: Wyoming tribes face long fight in trust mismanagement (01/11)

Federal Circuit reinstates trust claim in Wyoming tribes' case (01/10)

Sycuan Band gains support for its land-into-trust application (01/10)

Opinion: A lack of leadership over Chumash Tribe land-into-trust (01/05)

BIA extends comment period for Shakopee Tribe land-into-trust (01/05)

City council stays out of Shakopee Tribe land-into-trust dispute (01/04)