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Schwarzenegger won't back Tule River land-into-trust application (07/29)

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DOI fines BP America $5.2M for underpaid Southern Ute Tribe (06/30)

DOI officials tell NCAI land-into-trust applications are moving (06/22)

Settlement was drafted in Oneida Nation land-into-trust case (06/22)

County sues to block Yankton Sioux land-into-trust approval (06/16)

Wyoming tribes lose decision in trust mismanagement case (06/14)

Timbisha Shoshone Tribe sues to stop trust fund distribution (06/14)

BIA to hold meeting for Western Shoshone trust distribution (06/10)

10th Circuit rejects challenge to Wyandotte land-into-trust (06/08)

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Nisqually Tribe drops plan to acquire surplus Navy property (05/27)

County to fight Meskwaki Tribe's land-into-trust application (05/25)

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MMS official in charge of offshore drilling to retire on May 31 (05/18)

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Appeals court sides with Cayuga Nation in tobacco tax case (05/11)

Legislation to fix land-into-trust decision remains in limbo (05/10)

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Supreme Court declines Dakota descendants trust case (04/19)

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Muscogee Nation plans $1B investment in Tulsa projects (03/31)

Groups claim BIA wants to study Chumash land-into-trust (03/29)

Narragansett Tribe wants to attain surplus Navy property (03/26)

Oneida Nation foes tie Osage case to land-into-trust feud (03/24)

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North Dakota tribe sees $1M a month in oil production (02/25)

Klamath Tribes close to deal to buy land near Portland (02/24)

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