White Mountain Apache Tribe re-emerging from tough times (February 3, 2014)

Four years ago, the White Mountain Apache Tribe of Arizona was broke and its political and legal systems were in turmoil.

Blog: Photographer Matika Wilbur set to document all tribes (February 3, 2014)

Photographer Matika Wilbur (Tulalip / Swinomish) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her efforts to capture members of nearly every federally recognized tribe in the United States:

Kickapoo Tribe asserts treaty in long-running water dispute (February 3, 2014)

The Kickapoo Tribe will assert its treaty rights in hopes of resolving a long-running water dispute in Kansas.

Elder from Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe keeps language going (February 3, 2014)

Ralph Burns, an elder from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe of Nevada, has kept the Paiute language alive for future generations.

Obama supports Freedmen in dispute with Cherokee Nation (February 3, 2014)

The Freedmen have a right to belong to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the Obama administration said in a court filing.

Opinion: Chumash Tribe too wealthy to follow land-into-trust (February 3, 2014)

Writer says the Indian Reorganization Act was never meant to benefit 'wealthy' tribes like the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians in California.

Jamie Bissonette Lewey: Maine must keep promise to tribes (February 3, 2014)

Jamie Bissonette Lewey, the chairman of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission, discusses a fishing dispute.

National Indian Education Association hosts annual summit (February 3, 2014)

The National Indian Education Association hosts its annual legislative summit this week.

United South and Eastern Tribes launch Impact Week meeting (February 3, 2014)

The United South and Eastern Tribes launched its annual Impact Week meeting today.

Hearing of Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs (February 3, 2014)

The House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs will hold a hearing on Wednesday.

NCAI ad urges Washington team to eliminate racist mascot (February 3, 2014)

The National Congress of American Indians released a new ad in support of the Change the Mascot campaign.

Al Jazeera: Young Navajos looking to improve opportunities (February 3, 2014)

Young members of the Navajo Nation are looking for ways to improve employment and economic development opportunities on the reservation.

Winona LaDuke: Apologies are slow to come from US society (February 3, 2014)

Activist Winona LaDuke on the power of saying 'Thank you' and 'I'm sorry.'

Jay Daniels: BIA's Cobell land buy-back program still a mess (February 3, 2014)

Jay Daniels discusses the flaws in the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Gyasi Ross: Don't be too big or too brown for all those racists (February 3, 2014)

Gyasi Ross shares the perils of being too big and too brown.

Native Sun News: Grants help youth from Northern Cheyenne (February 3, 2014)

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) Foundation donated $28,000 to programs that serve Northern Cheyenne youth.

Tim Giago: What I'd do with the billions of Buffett and Gates (February 3, 2014)

As a long-time journalist, author and dreamer, I dream, dreams that will never be fulfilled, but they are dreams that I know are not impossible, but they are tiny dreams on the big scale that is America.