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Interview: Lac du Flambeau Band joins online gaming world

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Poker News interviews Jack Hakim, the CEO of a company that provides an Internet gaming platform for the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in Wisconsin and the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance:
If TIGA were to get other tribes to join the alliance, would those tribes then utilize C2Rewards?

TIGA would recommend C2Rewards, tribes have a choice, and they retain their sovereignty. There are two different aspects to that. We understood right away when we started talking to the tribes and the coalition that there would be not only liquidity challenges, but also liquidity opportunities.

A lot of the small tribes in particular, but even many of the larger ones don't have networks like Caesars. You can't effectively collaborate and run tournaments with other smaller and mid-size tribes. If you have your people going to Las Vegas, who are you feeding them to? Where are you getting some value back?

On our social network, each tribe gets a completely branded portal. That means it spends its marketing dollars to get its people on that portal, and then those people play poker and various other games. They play for fun before it's a legal jurisdiction, and once it's a legal jurisdiction it's played for money. Our poker platform, OnGame provides immediate liquidity .But what happens if you want to run a tournament with a group of other tribes?

Our network is designed to play across a single game model. We really manage the wallet across players and game content, so we're able to let casinos combine or not combine with other casinos, their choice. That allows us to set up a single large tournament for any casino portals that wish to collaborate. Suddenly it's a much larger prize and event, but for each player playing in a specific casino's portal, they still see it branded for that casino. That's the first value, the liquidity and being able to have a network effect.

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