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Sacagawea descendants to help dedicate ship

Descendants of the brother of Sacagawea will help dedicate a ship named after the famous Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Norma Wadsworth and her mother, Lucy Honena Diaz, will christen the ship in San Diego. Diaz, 83, is a direct descendant of Shoshone Chief Cameahwait, Sacagawea's brother.

Sacagawea was born to the Lemhi Band of Shoshones. She is not believed to have left behind any direct descendants.

Her brother's family was forced to move to the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho, where Diaz still lives. Wadsworth, who grew up on the reservation, works at Montana State University in Billings.

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Honoring Sacagawea: Billings woman to attend ship christening ceremony named for her famous relative (The Billings Gazette 6/1)

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