EchoHawk to discuss Oneida Nation land transfer
Larry EchoHawk, the new leader of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is scheduled to meet today with Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) and Rep. Michael Arcuri (D-New York) to discuss a recent a recent land transfer for the Oneida Nation of New York.

Near the end of the Bush administration, the BIA accepted 18 acres in surplus land from the U.S. Air Force. Schumer and Arcuri say the decision was made without public comment.

"At our upcoming meeting I intend to make clear to the all the major players that any decision to take further land into trust at Griffiss Air Force Base through the back-door process we went through in December is unacceptable," Schumer said in a press release.

Schumer and Arcuri recently introduced legislation to require the Interior Department to pay local governments for newly acquired trust lands. The bill wouldn't necessarily apply to the Air Force transfer because the land was already off the tax rolls.

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Land Into Trust Legislation:
S.1456 | H.3208

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