Cayuga Nation embroiled in yet another internal leadership crisis

A banner in support of treaty rights is seen in Cayuga Nation territory in New York. Photo by Brian Fitzgerald

Leadership issues are once again affecting the Cayuga Nation of New York.

Clint Halftown has long been recognized as the tribe's official representative. But the Bureau of Indian Affairs is no longer doing business with him, The Auburn Citizen reported.

That hasn't stopped Halftown from claiming to represent the tribe, though. He's formed a new council and has been trying to settle a long-running land and tax dispute but officials in Seneca County aren't interested, The Finger Lake Times reported.

However, officials in Cayuga County accepted Halftown's offer late last year, the paper said. But an attorney who has worked with the tribe said the so-called settlement is invalid.

The BIA for now appears to be staying out of the matter even as Halftown seeks support from the membership for his new council. A statement sent to The Auburn Citizen said the tribe "has been unable to make formal leadership decisions due to an internal leadership dispute."

The tribe has been embroiled in leadership issues for more than a decade.

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