Gephardt drops bid, candidates focus on N.H.
Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) ended his bid for the White House on Tuesday after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses while the remaining contenders shifted their sights on the January 27 New Hampshire primary.

Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), the winner of the Iowa race, called himself the "underdog" as he entered the state. Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), who placed second, is campaigning in the state but is also working on the primary in South Carolina. Former Vermont governor Howard Dean toned down his "rhetoric" after coming in third.

Gen. Wesley K. Clark and Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.) did not compete in the Iowa caucuses but are in the New Hampshire race. A poll put the race as follows: Dean (33 percent), Kerry (24 percent) and Clark (18 percent), with Edwards and Lieberman in the single digits.

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