Gyasi Ross: Sen. Brown's racist and anti-Indian campaign rally

[YouTube: Scott Brown staffers do "Indian war whoop", "tomahawk chop"]

"Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts.

Hold that thought, please—indulge me for a few minutes while we talk about discrimination, outrage and offensive behavior.

See, subjective tests for racial/gender outrage are ineffective—everybody feels offended at something that other people simply will not feel. It is impossible, or at the very least it is sloppy, to pull an outraged person’s heart from their chest and place it in the chest cavity of someone who doesn’t feel the outrage.

It’s just not their cause, their battle, their issue. Fair enough.

Still, there is an objective test for when people of conscience should morally link arms and say, “We will not let this pass”: that test is the “What if it Were Me” test. Put simply, the test says that when a person (or a group of people) would feel outraged if they were the subject of the alleged offensive behavior, then they likewise have a moral obligation to say/do something about it."

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Gyasi Ross: Senator Scott Brown’s Racist and Anti-Indian Campaign Rallies: Why Progressive People Should Give Money to Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign in Order to Get this Bigot Out of Office (Indian Country Today 9/26)

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