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Editorial: Dry Creek Rancheria casino still a threat to community


The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors last week signed a new deal with the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians, that extends the tribe’s moratorium on building a casino near Petaluma until at least 2025.
EJ Montini: Tohono O'odham Nation still winning in casino fight


The tribe did not get the injunction it wanted from the judge but the case moves forward and the casino will open.
Column: Casino industry pours millions into Texas campaigns


Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico Indian tribes are making fortunes off Texas folks who play their slot machines and table games.
Editorial: Enterprise Rancheria makes big change to casino bid


New plans by Enterprise Rancheria for a gambling operation that's been in a tug of war for more than a decade have people conjecturing.
Editorial: Tribes in Connecticut unite to address casino threat


We urge Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to continue working with the tribes on the satellite casino concept, while mindful the legal and political obstacles could prove too great.
Editorial: Right decision on off-reservation casino in New Mexico


It was a big deal but it wasn’t the right fit for Albuquerque.
EJ Montini: Horses treated better than Tohono O'odham Nation


There is a holier-then-thou tone from elected officials about the tribe and its casino not belonging there.
Chemehuevi Tribe to resubmit bid for off-reservation casino


The Chemehuevi Tribe will be resubmitting a land-into-trust application for an off-reservation casino in Barstow, California.
Opinion: Catawba Nation casino won't benefit local community


Folks, there is nothing positive about what a casino can bring to this city or county except what the Catawba Indians and possibly outside investors might gain from emptying pockets of those who will suffer greatly.
Column: Donald Trump's first big slur came at tribe's expense


With Donald Trump making headlines for insulting Mexicans, prisoners of war and now women, it's worth noting that he sharpened his teeth in the politics of insensitive putdowns more than 20 years ago in a Connecticut dispute.
Donna Ennis: City lynches Fond du Lac Band in gaming dispute


Settler Colonialism has best been defined as more of an imposed structure than a historical event.
Column: Another tribal casino in Connecticut is a 'no-brainer'


It's not really an expansion of Connecticut's gambling, which is now provided by two of the largest casinos in the world.
Editorial: Tribal casinos make big impact on Oklahoma economy


Indian casinos have, by and large, been very good for the tribes, the state and many, many people.
Editorial: More tribes should go smoke-free at gaming facilities


Five years after Wisconsin made bars and restaurants smoke-free, an American Indian tribe is doing the same.
Editorial: Catawba Nation casino represents jobs and revenues


A casino will bring a variety of jobs to Cleveland, Gaston and surrounding counties and play a significant role in rounding out the economy.
Editorial: Seminole Tribe is a good gaming partner for Florida


So here it comes, another costly court fight for Florida taxpayers, this time with the Seminole Tribe over the future of an agreement that sets the parameters for gambling in our state.
Editorial: Something's gotta give in New England casino race


It seems doubtful that the region’s gambling dollar will stretch to cover all of these venues.
Editorial: Pojoaque Pueblo acts in bad faith in gaming fight


Pojoaque cannot legally engage in gambling without a state compact – which expired June 30.
Editorial: Colville Tribes realize dream with flagship casino


Hats off to the Colville Confederated Tribes for persevering with plans to build a destination-style casino in the mid-valley area.
Dennis Whittlesey: Judges disagree on labor law at casinos


Two separate three-judge panels of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit have rendered labor law decisions concerning Indian casinos in Michigan only 22 days apart.
Editorial: Negotiate new casino compact with Seminole Tribe


A divided Legislature couldn't come to an agreement on an extension of this part of the compact during last year's session or this year's, and now the ball's in Gov. Rick Scott's hands.
Opinion: Renew Class III gaming compact with Seminole Tribe


Unlike any other casino gambling interest in Florida, the Seminole Tribe is actually headquartered in the state and has been here for hundreds of years.
Editorial: Enterprise Rancheria fails to share details on gaming


We have to admit we're a little stymied and bemused by plans publicized recently for a mini-casino in Yuba County.
Editorial: Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe's wrong approach on casino


It is hard to know if the tribe intends to press ahead with plans to place rows and rows of blinking electronic bingo devices in its living room and invite gamblers in, or if this is some type of bluff designed to advance mainland aspirations.
Editorial: Washington doesn't need another off-reservation casino


If tribes can place casinos on ancestral or aboriginal lands, rather than on reservations, then where does it end?
Law Article: Saginaw Chippewa Tribe loses decision in NLRB dispute


Weighing in on a hotly contested issue, a panel of the Sixth Circuit has found that federal labor law applies to Indian tribes’ casinos, notwithstanding the tribes’ inherent sovereignty.
Brian Pierson: Tribal labor sovereignty could land in Supreme Court


Four of the six judges in the Sixth Circuit who have examined the issue, in two different cases, have concluded that the NLRA has no jurisdiction over the tribes. The tribes have lost both cases!
Pierre Bergeron: Judges split on federal labor law at tribal casinos


Although the court has been restricting en banc review, such a flagrant disagreement between two panels certainly should attract en banc attention.
Editorial: Pojoaque Pueblo gets pass on illegal gaming operation


Pojoaque rolled the dice in a bet that the federal government would not actually enforce the laws requiring Indian gambling operations to be subject to compacts with states. And won.
Editorial: Extend Class III casino compact with Seminole Tribe


It is the best way to keep a lid on the spread of gambling in the state and ensure the state will continue to receive a cut of the Seminoles’ gambling operations.
Brian Patterson: Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act restores our rights


The Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act restores parity to all sovereign governments across the United States.
Gary Metoxen: Indian gaming generates economic opportunities


Indian gaming today provides more than 1 million jobs, pays millions in local, state and federal taxes as well as supports local charities.
David Collins: Tribes keep gaming dollars at home in Connecticut


Here's hoping that Connecticut lawmakers continue to see the wisdom of giving the tribes at least one satellite near the Massachusetts border, to help keep at home Connecticut gambling dollars.
Column: So much for a Class III casino deal with Seminole Tribe


The governor has disappeared. The Legislature can’t agree on a basic budget, much less work out a new gambling compact with the tribe.
Casino Answer Man: About those Class II and Class III machines


I know the machines at the Indian casinos are different, but how are they different from the Las Vegas machines?
Editorial: Don't turn Poarch Creek racetrack into a full casino


Casinos won’t kill you, although they offer ample opportunity to hurt yourself.
Editorial: Extend Class III gaming compact with Seminole Tribe


With Florida lawmakers facing a big gap in the state budget as they prepare to reconvene for a special session, it would be irresponsible for them to walk away from the table games compact with the Seminole Tribe.
Editorial: No guarantee of success for new casino in Connecticut


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was still deciding this weekend whether to sign legislation approved early Friday that would lead to possibly opening a new tribal casino along the Connecticut-Massachusetts border.
Kurt Luger: It's time to put an end to the Indian wars in America


After 200 years of genocide by the United States, enough is enough!
Cayuga Nation Leaders: Tribe hasn't authorized gaming facilities


The gaming facility benefits only a few financially, not the Cayuga Nation as a whole, and comes at a great cost societally to both our people and our neighbors.
Opinion: Poarch Creeks need state to protect gaming enterprise


You can't blame the tribe for trying to protect its business interests, but that's the problem with cutting a classic sweetheart deal.
Opinion: Today's Indian wars are being fought over new casinos


America still fights Indian wars, but today these battles center not around settlers pushing their homesteads onto tribal lands but around gambling.
John Berrey: Governor in Kansas turns back on Quapaw Tribe


The 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is very clear – the state of Kansas has an obligation to negotiate in good faith a gaming compact.
Bo Mazzetti: California must regulate Internet poker games


The debate in Sacramento over the legalization of online gaming, specifically Internet poker, appears to be moving forward.
Opinion: Sen. McCain changes tune on tribal casino in Arizona


From 2004 to 2006, Washington was transfixed by the revelations that several Indian tribes had paid exorbitant fees to then-uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff to stop other tribes from opening casinos.

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