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Elouise Cobell and Barack Obama
The late Elouise Cobell meets President Barack Obama at the White House. December 8, 2010. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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Land buy-back hits milestone with over $500M in purchases (06/26)
More than 24,000 landowners have benefited from the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations so far.

Michael Connor: Making informed decisions for land buy-back (06/26)
This week, the Department of the Interior hit a significant milestone, paying more than $500 million to approximately 30,000 individual landowners through the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes see 4K acres from buy-back (06/18)
Individual Indian landowners received $5.4 million for their factional interests, which were then transferred to the tribal government.

Landowners on Fort Peck Reservation see $54M in Cobell offers (06/11)
The offers went out to more than 3,500 owners. The deadline to respond is July 18.

DOI sends over $230M in offers to Indian landowners in Montana (06/08)
The offers went out to nearly 12,000 owners on the Fort Belknap Indian Community and the Fort Peck Reservation.

Osage Nation expects to see offers from land buy-back program (05/28)
The tribe signed a cooperative agreement with the Interior Department to engage in outreach with individual Indian landowners.

Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation sees $150M in land offers (05/07)
The offers were made to more than 6,500 landowners as part of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Cobell legal team still searching for beneficiaries in Oklahoma (05/06)
About 700 members of the Osage Nation are owed about $9 million from the $3.4 billion trust fund settlement.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe prepares for Cobell buy-back offers (04/28)
Offers are expected to go out to 8,000 landowners on one of the most highly fractionated reservations in the country.

Lakota Country Times: Cobell scholarship fund being put to use (04/27)
The Cobell Scholars program fund is designed to provide funding for American Indian and Alaska Native students who are attending both post-secondary vocational schools and other 'institutions' of higher learning.

Applications available for Cobell settlement scholarship funds (04/20)
Applications are due June 1 and scholarships will be awarded for the upcoming fall semester

Navajo Nation signs buy-back cooperative agreement with DOI (04/15)
President Ben Shelly said the tribe's participation in the Land Buy-Back Program will prevent allotments from being sold to private interests.

DOI issues $10.5M in offers on Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (04/15)
More than 1,500 landowners have until June 8 to decide whether they want to accept the money in exchange for their fractional interests.

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation sees $195M in buyback offers (04/06)
The tribe is hosting four meetings next week to help landowners decide whether they want to sell their fractional interests.

DOI transfers another $12M from buy-back to scholarship fund (04/02)
The scholarship fund now holds more than $17 million and applications should be available soon.

Information on Bureau of Indian Affairs website missing in action (04/01)
The agency is working on getting the data back online after it mysteriously disappeared sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Navajo Nation considers agreement for land-buy back program (03/30)
The reservation is home to nearly 34,000 individual landowners. Buying up all of their fractionated interests could cost more than $100 million.

Board still working on delivering money for Cobell scholarships (03/25)
The American Indian Graduate Center will be handling the fund as the new administrator.

DOI sends another $34M in offers on Rosebud Sioux Reservation (03/24)
The offers were made as part of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe seeks owners for buy-back program (03/19)
The tribe is home to the second-most highly fractionated reservation in the nation.

Lummi Nation signs cooperative agreement for Cobell buy-back (03/09)
The tribe will work with the Interior Department to identify fractionated interests on the reservation.

DOI schedules listening session on buy-back program in Arizona (03/03)
The meeting takes place March 19 on the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona.

Bill to create day to honor late Elouise Cobell stalls in Montana (02/25)
Western Native Voice said supporters will look for other ways to advance the measure.

Deadlines approaching for over $100M in land buy-back offers (02/24)
Landowners on five reservations in five states are facing deadlines in March and April.

Charmaine White Face: Cobell settlement turned into deception (02/05)
When Eloise Cobell sued the federal government for violating the trust of their wards, the American Indians, it was for individual violations not for collective violations.

DOI signs land buy-back cooperative agreements with two tribes (01/30)
The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota and the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation in Kansas are the latest to join the land consolidation program.

Osage Nation expects to see $7.4M in Cobell consolidation offers (01/27)
The offers will go out to nearly 700 landowners, The Osage News reported.

DOI sends $20M in land-buy back offers on Salt River Reservation (01/16)
Landowners have until March 6 to determine whether they want to sell their fractionated interests.

DOI signs land buy-back agreements with Washington tribes (01/13)
The Squaxin Island Tribe and the Swinomish Tribe will facilitate outreach and education.

DOI puts nearly $1M from land sales into Cobell scholarship fund (01/06)
The found now boasts a balance of more than $5 million.

Umatilla Tribes acquire 4K acres with Cobell buy-back program (12/23)
Individual Indians have accepted $4.16 million for their fractionated interests on the reservation.

DOI makes $9M in buy-back offers on Coeur d'Alene Reservation (12/17)
Offers were sent to more than 400 landowners. The deadline to accept is February 2, 2015.

DOI sends $1.5M in buy-back offers on Squaxin Island Reservation (12/10)
Offers were made to more than 600 landowners as part of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Michael Connor: Making strides with Cobell land buy-back program (12/04)
An update on the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

ICT interview with DOI deputy secretary on Cobell buy-backs (11/21)
Michael Connor, the second-highest ranking official at DOI, discusses the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

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