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Yellow Bird: Climate change impossible to ignore
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Frost-laden windows and moving cars followed by icy exhaust fog might lull us into thinking global warming is a myth - that is, until we remember the warmer-than-usual November and December in North Dakota. The question of global warming, whether that warming is human-induced or environmentally caused, is looming on the horizon.

Are we like the lone fox on the open prairie, who pops his head up from searching for food and sees black thunderclouds rolling overhead, almost before he realizes he is in trouble?

Global warming is making headlines more often as our climate become more uncertain. Former Vice President Al Gore produced a film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that reported on global warming. This 2006 documentary is only one of several forewarnings about the phenomena likely created, in part, by man.

My first thought about global warming in North Dakota and Minnesota was, “Whoopee!” Brutally cold weather makes traveling dangerous and limits outdoor adventures. A longer summer, spring and fall could mean more time for gardening and make tree-, grass- and fruit-growing here easier.

But this view is much too narrow. Polar bears that can't find food are just one of the animals that may disappear. This extinction of some plants and other living things also will result."

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