Deputy chief of Cherokee Nation stable following a heart attack (12/13)
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Congress renews Special Diabetes Program for Indians till 2013 (12/10)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing in IHS investigation (12/07)
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HHS Secretary Sebelius names members of tribal advisory panel (12/07)
Cherokee Nation partnering with hospital for a new dialysis center (12/07)
APRN: Alaska Natives pack in listening session to discuss suicide (12/02)
Report finds suicide prevention funding lacking in Native villages (12/02)
Alaska Natives press for solutions to suicide in their communities (12/01)
Kiowa woman helps raises awareness of HIV on World AIDS Day (12/01)
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Indian youth (11/23)
Cherokee Nation begins work on $7M hospital expansion project (11/22)
Wisconsin Watch: Suicide among Native Americans remains high (11/22)
Peltier supporters push for tests due to concerns about health (11/17)
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Retreat aims to help Indian men with fatherhood and family issues (11/04)
Dentist groups still oppose the use of therapists in Native villages (11/02)
HuffPo honors Dr. Patricia Nez as a 'Greatest Person Of The Day' (11/01)
Moapa Band of Paiutes lose battle against landfill at power plant (10/29)
Study cites benefits in dental health for Alaska Native villages (10/27)
Fort Peck Tribes receive IHS report about suicide among youth (10/26)
Quechan Nation sues after potential exposure to viruses at IHS (10/26)
Letter: Outrage against poor 'health care' for Native Americans (10/25)
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Eastern Cherokees sending 11 to run in Marine Corps Marathon (10/20)
Nurse from IHS clinics in Washington killed by a mountain goat (10/19)
Mark Trahant: Just like everyone else, Americans getting older (10/18)
MTWYTLC receives $10M grant for substance abuse programs (10/12)
Sen. Johnson hails urban Indian health clinic in South Dakota (10/12)
Fort Peck Tribes concerned about principal's private 'pep talk' (10/12)
Mark Trahant: Government creates employment opportunity (10/11)
Quechan Nation accuses IHS of violating its trust responsibility (10/08)
HHS Secretary Sebelius establishes Tribal Advisory Committee (10/08)
Native Sun News: Cancer is number two killer in Indian Country (10/07)
Another IHS clinic concerned about exposure to deadly viruses (10/07)
Moapa Band of Paiutes oppose expansion of power plant landfill (10/07)
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Indian women who took flu vaccine protected their newborns (10/05)
IHS patients in Arizona potentially exposed to deadly viruses (10/05)
Mark Trahant: Austerity is the future for government spending (10/04)
US offers apology to Guatemala for conducting STD experiment (10/04)
Yvette Roubideaux: IHS committed to reform in Aberdeen Area (10/01)
Company to donate up to 2,000 satellite phones, service to IHS (09/30)
David Quincy: Career ending opportunity at IHS in North Dakota (09/30)
IHS deputy director draws $125K salary on administrative leave (09/29)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold field hearings in October (09/29)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee investigation of IHS (09/28)
ACLU: Cheyenne River Sioux women treated just like guinea pigs (09/28)
IHS to face scrutiny at Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing (09/28)
ACLU sues IHS for information on induced labor for Indian women (09/27)
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Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing into IHS (09/27)
New Mexico seeks data on Navajo youth who suffer from asthma (09/27)
California tribes address reauthorization of Older Americans Act (09/21)
Eastern Cherokees host first Alzheimer's office in Indian Country (09/21)
FDA holds public hearing on plan for genetically modified salmon (09/21)
IHS sends investigator to review concerns at North Dakota clinic (09/14)
Mark Trahant: Shrinking government and Indian health spending (09/13)
Interview: Dorgan 'enormously proud' of Indian health, law bills (09/13)
Crow Tribe seeks removal of IHS doctor who has a criminal record (09/10)
White House official discusses FY2011 budget at tribal summit (09/09)
Montana and Wyoming tribes host first summit to discuss cancer (09/09)
Researchers win grant to study Indian genetics and cancer drugs (09/08)
New Mexico tribes get $610K grants for Special Diabetes program (09/08)
Yvette Roubideaux: Reform a top priority for Indian Health Service (09/06)
Group urges funds to back Indian Health Care Improvement Act (09/02)
Montana tribe opens doors to $2.7M expanded health care clinic (09/02)
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Sen. Dorgan threatens subpoena of IHS for ongoing investigation (08/25)
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Helium: Health and wellness issues face Native Americans today (08/17)
Chickasaw Nation welcomes first baby born at new health center (08/17)
Mark Trahant: Tribes taking more control of Indian health system (08/16)
North Dakota tribes receive $1.8M in grants to battle diabetes (08/12)
Oglala Sioux man chosen to run Indian office for health system (08/11)
Opposition halts plans for Native treatment center in Manitoba (08/10)
Mark Trahant: Just who is an Indian for purposes of health care? (08/09)
Five Oklahoma tribes host groundbreaking for $10M health facility (08/06)
Mashantucket Tribe receives grant to start breast cancer program (08/05)
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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe ready for Indian Health Service center (08/02)
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Sault Tribe opens first smoke-free Indian housing units in Michigan (07/21)
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Owner of a disputed junkyard claims to belong to 'Pembina' band (07/19)
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Montana study finds success in treating Indian meth offenders (07/01)
Sen. Dorgan hopes to renew Indian diabetes program this year (07/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee launches investigation of IHS (06/30)
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Magazine names frybread as one of 50 fattiest foods in nation (06/30)
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Greenville Rancheria finishes work on health clinic expansion (06/22)
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IHS was late with response in Apache man's restitution case (06/15)
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BIA signs agreement with Nike to promote healthy lifestyles (05/18)
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Coffee consumption reduced risk of diabetes for Indians (04/15)
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Ho-Chunk Nation sells rest of bison herd over high costs (04/15)
Childcare center in Indian housing complex offers haven (04/14)
Shakopee Tribe to provide health services at mobile clinic (04/13)
Mark Trahant: Health reform debate to continue for years (04/12)
Sheriff asks Saginaw Chippewa Tribe for inmate health fund (04/09)
Chumash Tribe schedules health clinics open to uninsured (04/07)
Chickasaw Nation extends smoking ban to more businesses (04/06)
Mark Trahant: Should Native Americans buy own insurance? (04/05)
Nevada tribes welcome Indian Health Care Improvement (04/02)
North Dakota tribes welcome Indian health care reform act (04/01)
Midwestern tribes hail permanent IHCIA reauthorization (03/30)
Mark Trahant: Obama's exciting pick for Medicaid agency (03/30)
Sen. Tester: Health care reform is right for Indian Country (03/29)
South Dakota tribes upset by lawsuit over health care bill (03/26)
Video: Indian Affairs Committee hearing on youth suicide (03/25)
California tribes ban free tobacco samples on reservations (03/25)
Witnesses: SCIA hearing on youth suicide, mental health (03/23)
Leech Lake Band accepts clients at first homeless shelter (03/23)
Oglala Sioux Tribe plans to build a Nebraska nursing home (03/23)
SCIA hearing on youth suicides, mental health resources (03/22)
Mark Trahant: Delivering promises for Indian health care (03/22)
IHCIA finally passes as part of national health reform bill (03/22)
Kim Teehee: Facing HIV/AIDS in Indian Country together (03/22)
IHS director to appear at health care meeting in Arizona (03/19)
Jack Jackson: Marking Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (03/19)
FDA finalizes rule to limit tobacco advertising and sales (03/19)
Quechan Nation observes Native HIV/AIDS Awareness (03/18)
Tanana Chiefs Conference plans to create damp shelter (03/17)
Editorial: Navajo substance abuse center holds promise (03/17)
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Birth a family affair at Navajo Nation facility in Arizona (03/08)
Senate confirms Rosebud Sioux woman to HHS position (03/04)
Tanana Chiefs Conference to build $75M health center (03/03)
White Earth Band looks to expand health care services (03/03)
Mark Trahant: IHS not mentioned at Blair House summit (03/01)
Aquinnah Wampanoag health director recalled to duty (02/25)
Cherokee Nation breaks ground on sixth dental clinic (02/24)
Mark Trahant: Reaching consensus on Indian health (02/22)
HuffPo: Palin's grandson receives care through IHS (02/22)
Mark Trahant: Alaska Natives create model system (02/15)
Obesity in Indian youth linked to death by age of 55 (02/11)
Interior part of White House child obesity task force (02/10)
Mark Trahant: Growing the IHS budget in tough times (02/08)
Bill supports nursing home on Pine Ridge Reservation (02/04)
Nez Perce Tribe receives ambulance from Hanford site (02/03)
Oklahoma tribes get $4M grant from HUD for new clinic (02/02)
Mark Trahant: Transparency and Indian Health Service (02/01)
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on March 20 (02/01)
Obama seeks $4.4B for Indian Health Service budget (02/01)
Lakota woman goes for Senate confirmation hearing (01/28)
Mark Trahant: Transparency in health care reform bill (01/25)
Senate confirmation hearing for Lillian Sparks at HHS (01/25)
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Natives in Saskatchewan suffer highest rate of diabetes (01/19)
Mark Trahant: IHS Director Roubideaux on passing IHCIA (01/18)
Robert Salgado, Soboba leader, placed in intensive care (01/18)
Dental clinic on Navajo Nation receives $248K USDA grant (01/15)
Nearly third of Native female teens involved in violence (01/14)
IHS encourages vaccination against H1N1 virus (01/12)
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