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Coyhis of White Bison wins $100K Purpose Prize (10/27)
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Artist Michael Kabotie dies from flu complications (10/26)
HHS Secretary Sebelius to host tribal leaders in DC (10/22)
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Fort Belknap Tribes to close diabetes program (10/20)
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NPR interviews IHS Director Yvette Roubideaux (09/24)
BIE schools to take part in new health program (09/23)
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Health reform bill includes tribal tax exemption (09/22)
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North Dakota tribes support health care reform (09/16)
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HHS Secretary promises Indian health focus (06/16)
Indian Country still waiting for better health care (06/15)
House Resources Committee hearing on IHCIA (06/12)
Senate passes bill for FDA to regulate tobacco (06/12)
Senate hearing on Indian health care reform (06/11)
Oneida Nation welcomes Obama to Wisconsin (06/11)
Another swine flu case among Manitoba Natives (06/10)
Witness list for hearing on Indian health reform (06/10)
Natives in Manitoba hit by severe flu breakout (06/09)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on health care reform (06/05)
First Nation in Manitoba confirms swine flu (06/05)
GAO releases second report on IHS property losses (06/04)
Judge dismisses suit over Cherokee IHS takeover (06/02)
South Dakota tribes target suicide among youth (06/01)
IHS director Roubideaux plans Washington move (06/01)
Murkowski supports study of Native youth suicide (05/28)
Alabama report examines Indian health status (05/28)
Time Capsule: Indian health care hearing in 1984 (05/26)
IHS still losing equipment, despite prior warnings (05/22)
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Osage-owned eatery puts new spin on fry bread (05/20)
Obama pick opposes New York tribal smoke shops (05/20)
Swine flu death reported on Gila River Reservation (05/20)
Urban Indian clinic to break ground on expansion (05/19)
IHS director cites unmet needs in Indian Country (05/19)
Chippewa Cree Tribe reports case of swine flu (05/18)
Roubideaux announces $500M in recovery funds (05/15)
IHS confirms swine flu case on Navajo Nation (05/13)
Public Radio: Coeur d'Alene clinic serves region (05/13)
Indian Country largely spared from swine flu virus (05/12)
Metro Times: Class action Indian health lawsuit (05/08)
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Mille Lacs Band reports possible case of swine flu (05/07)
Lac du Flambeau Band responds to swine flu concerns (05/05)
IHS runs out of contract care funds in 4.8 months (05/04)
Navajo Nation program offers free eyeglasses (05/04)
Committee backs Roubideaux nomination at IHS (04/30)
Senate confirms Sebelius as HHS Secretary (04/29)
Committee vote set on IHS nominee Roubideaux (04/28)
First Indian dentist recruits more into medical field (04/27)
Trial for Aquash murder defendants set to begin (04/27)
Dorgan expects vote on IHS nominee on April 30 (04/24)
Confirmation hearing for Roubideaux at IHS (04/23)
Senate panel backs Sebelius as HHS secretary (04/22)
Senate confirmation hearing for Roubideaux at IHS (04/20)
Detoxification center stays alive with $1.5M from IHS (04/17)
Confirmation hearing for IHS nominee on April 23 (04/14)
IHS cuts emergency services at Navajo facility (04/07)
Study: Nearly a third of Indian children are obese (04/07)
North Dakota tribe moves ahead with hospital (04/07)
Urban Indian clinic seeks share of stimulus funds (04/02)
IHS changes sweat lodge policy after another fire (03/30)
Editorial: IHS nominee another voice for Arizona (03/27)
Friend vows IHS will 'flourish' under Roubideaux (03/26)
Rosebud Sioux leaders hail Roubideaux for IHS (03/25)
Obama selects Native woman for IHS position (03/24)
Yurok Tribe hosts first anti-meth conference (03/23)
Kevin Abourezk: IHS gets $500M from stimulus (03/20)
IHS Director: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness (03/19)
Biden announces $3M tribal senior nutrition funds (03/19)
Seneca Nation adopts tobacco safety standards (03/18)
Omnibus funds North Dakota tribe's overdue hospital (03/17)
Quechan Nation raises HIV/AIDS awareness (03/13)
Kevin Abourezk: Problems with Indian stimulus funds (03/13)
Death rates high among Natives in Washington (03/12)
Seneca Nation to investigate brand of cigarettes (03/10)
Film targets breast cancer among Native women (03/09)
Thune seeks more money for tribal law and health (03/04)
Kansas governor tapped for Health secretary post (03/02)
Video: Senate hearing on Indian youth suicide (02/27)
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Absentee Shawnee Tribe to build $20M health center (02/04)
Pojoaque Pueblo expands wellness center (02/02)
Daschle HHS nomination tied up over tax issues (02/02)
Indian Affairs meeting and hearing on health (01/29)
IHS denies pending closure of Rosebud Sioux hospital (01/23)
Rosebud Sioux hospital faces closure this week (01/19)
IHS cuts tied to rise in STD cases in South Dakota (01/12)
Senate panel holds Daschle confirmation hearing (01/08)