Supreme Court allows suit against 'light' tobacco (12/16)
Medill: Indian Health Care Improvement Act expires (12/12)
Inuit in Canada at highest risk for lung cancer (12/09)
Conference looks at diabetes among Indian youth (12/08)
Kevin Abourezk: Optimism on Indian health bill (12/05)
Obama's support sought for Indian health bill (12/01)
Conjoined Cheyenne River Sioux twins doing well (11/26)
Tribes look forward to Daschle's role in health care (11/21)
Menominee Nation most unhealthy in Wisconsin (11/20)
Tom Daschle tapped for Health and Human Services (11/19)
White Earth Band set for youth treatment center (11/19)
Work continues on $135M Chickasaw hospital (11/14)
Indian recovery center to expand with big grant (11/14)
North Dakota tribe readies long-awaited hospital (11/11)
Army to study suicide in hopes of preventing it (10/30)
Soboba Band receives lead reduction grant (10/29)
Turtle Mountain Band passes ban on abortion (10/27)
Opinion: Money not the only problem at IHS (10/22)
Paiute Tribe invites law enforcement to play (10/22)
IHS website provides 'Quality of Care' reports (10/20)
Kevin Abourezk: Sen. Obama's Indian health plan (10/17)
PBS: Inadequate funding kills Indian patients (10/16)
Navajo employee to receive top USDA honor (10/15)
Ojibwe woman invited to 'Oprah' show taping (10/15)
Cherokee council fails to override health veto (10/15)
Sen. Baucus names health advisory council (10/14)
Congress fails to pass critical Indian health care bill (10/13)
Navajo program promotes 'healthy marriage' (10/07)
Fort Mojave Tribe battles high rate of diabetes (10/07)
Commentary: Gov. Palin's family eligible for IHS (10/07)
Indian boot camp ends with swim from Alcatraz (10/06)
Yaqui man a long-term survivor of kidney disease (10/03)
Eastern Cherokees donate to kidney foundation (10/03)
Cherokee Nation takes over hospital from IHS (10/02)
United Keetoowah Band sues to block IHS turnover (10/01)
Nevada Urban Indians moves to new home in Reno (09/30)
IHS cuts contract to urban Indian health center (09/30)
No action on Indian Health Care Improvement Act (09/29)
Substance abuse claiming young Seminole lives (09/29)
Utah tribes sign consultation agreement with state (09/25)
Editorial: Solve suicide crisis among Indian youth (09/25)
Study: Indian stroke victims more likely to die (09/25)
Cherokee chief vetoes health expansion measure (09/24)
Study finds high rate of stroke among 13 tribes (09/24)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader series on youth suicide (09/23)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader series on youth suicide (09/22)
Cherokee Nation Council passes health care plan (09/18)
Joe Garcia: Pass Indian Health Care Improvement Act (09/17)
Chippewa Cree Tribe stages annual diabetes walk (09/16)
Navajo Nation Council fails on tobacco override (09/12)
Navajo Nation Council eyes override on tobacco (09/11)
Choctaw boy, 10, seeks marrow donor for sister (09/10)
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation to set up drug court (09/09)
Editorial: Wellness center good for Navajo youth (09/05)
Report finds high rate of alcohol deaths in Indian Country (09/03)
Gila River Tribe plans for a healthier future (09/01)
Cherokee Nation set for takeover of IHS hospital (08/29)
Sen. Dorgan weighs strategy for passage of IHCIA (08/29)
Kara Briggs: An Indian health state of emergency (08/29)
Leech Lake Band declares health care crisis (08/28)
Surgeon General promotes health to Navajo youth (08/28)
Acting surgeon general heads to Navajo Nation (08/27)
Kickapoo Tribe seeks emergency health funds (08/27)
Stone Age Doc: Modern diet hurts Pima people (08/26)
Column: Tohono O'odham walk 3,000 miles for diabetes (08/19)
Nez Perce Tribe struggles to provide health care (08/12)
Navajo president vetoes ban on public smoking (08/08)
Food a highlight of Cherokee, Choctaw holidays (08/05)
Alaska Natives account for $7M in IHS property (08/04)
Editorial: Diabetes among Indian children (08/04)
IHS director criticized for property loss response (08/01)
Column: Pink shawls raise awareness of cancer (07/31)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting and hearing (07/31)
Navajo Nation Council passes public smoking ban (07/30)
Business meeting added to Indian Affairs hearing (07/29)
8th Circuit dismisses suit against BIA jail officer (07/29)
Cherokee Nation has big plans for IHS takeover (07/29)
Kickapoo Tribe declares health care emergency (07/29)
Editorial: IHS mismanagement hurts patients (07/28)
Senate hearing this week on IHS mismanagement (07/28)
Sen. Nelson questions IHS mismanagement (07/25)
Editorial: Health disparities in Indian Country (07/24)
Report looks at cancer among Alaska Natives (07/23)
8th Circuit dismisses IHS birth switch lawsuit (07/23)
California tribes declare public health emergency (07/23)
Senate sets hearing on IHS mismanagement (07/23)
IHS criticized for $15.8M in lost property (07/22)
Newt Gingrich backs Indian health disparity efforts (07/22)
Salmonella investigation leads to jalapenos in Texas (07/22)
'Pink Paddlers' raise cancer awareness on journey (07/21)
Alaska Native villages losing war against soda (07/21)
EPA report warns of health risks of global warming (07/18)
Sen. Baucus seeks investigation of IHS (07/17)
Congress approves $300M for diabetes program (07/14)
AMA to apologize to African-American doctors (07/10)
White Earth Band to open youth treatment center (07/09)
In These Times: Poison pill in Indian health care bill (07/09)
Cheney staff edited testimony on global warming (07/09)
Court rules in Yankton Sioux emergency room case (07/08)
Hoopa Valley Tribe declares emergency over fires (07/03)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe wraps up summit on suicides (07/03)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe addresses suicide among youth (07/02)
Minnesota reports rate of Indian abortions (07/01)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe to discuss suicides at summit (07/01)
California tribes adopt non-smoking policies (06/30)
Kickapoo Tribe cites lack of contract health dollars (06/27)
IHS restores emergency care at Navajo hospital (06/26)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on contract health (06/26)
Northern Arapaho Tribe seeks $1.5M for youth center (06/26)
Study cites high Native youth alcohol disorder rate (06/26)
Native Americans suffer from highest diabetes rate in US (06/25)
Witness list for Senate hearing on contract health (06/25)
Opinion: Alcohol abuse affects Ho-Chunk Nation (06/25)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on contract health (06/23)
Rare form of salmonella struck Navajos in New Mexico (06/20)
Tohono O'odham group walks from Maine to Arizona (06/19)
Natives account for 69 percent of new HIV cases (06/17)
Report looks at health status of nation's youth (06/12)
Pro-Life Site: Abortion lobby targets Native women (06/10)
IHS confirms 14 cases of salmonella poisoning (06/09)
Turtle Mountain Band won't lose IHS hospital (06/09)
Store near Navajo Nation may have sold tomatoes (06/05)
IHS links salmonella outbreak to uncooked tomatoes (06/04)
Low rate of cancer reported among Native children (06/03)
Yakama Nation targets high rate of diabetes (05/27)
Oneida Nation pressed insurer on universal health (05/27)
ICT interview with IHS director Robert McSwain (05/23)
South Dakota study finds benefits of Indian tea (05/23)
BIA helps Navajo Nation with overdue autopsy bill (05/22)
Cancer surivors urged to maintain Native diet (05/20)
Indian teen sheds 106 pounds at weight-loss school (05/20)
IHS hospital on Navajo Nation cuts emergency care (05/13)
North Dakota tribe plans to take over IHS clinic (05/06)
Cherokee teen drops 80 pounds at weight-loss school (05/05)
Senate committee sets hearing on contract health (05/05)
Senate confirms McSwain as director of IHS (04/30)
House committees given extension on IHCIA (04/28)
IHS to replace Fort Yuma Indian Hospital (04/28)
Questions over Cherokee Nation IHS takeover (04/24)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band opens health center (04/23)
Sen. Murkowski: Alaska Native preventive care (04/18)
Montana tribe collaborates on cancer study (04/17)
Navajo Nation helps detox center stay open (04/17)
Natives are 2 percent of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota (04/16)
Creek teen earns recognition for health campaign (04/16)
Cherokee Nation to take over IHS hospital (04/16)
Column: Interior employees worried about health (04/11)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe to fund diabetes program (04/11)
Alaska veteran settles hiring case against IHS (04/10)
CDC study documents rates of infant abuse (04/04)
South Dakota governor creates Indian health position (04/03)
Rural Alaska Natives at risk due to lack of in-home water (04/02)
Study finds high hepatitis rate at IHS clinics in Montana (03/24)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe backs IHCIA reauthorization (03/24)
University of Colorado to study Indian diabetes (03/21)
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (03/19)
IHS builds dental clinic on Catawba Reservation (03/19)
Artwork chosen for Indian anti-smoking contest (03/18)
High HIV rate reported among Natives in Manitoba (03/18)
Athabascan man honored for 15 years of sobriety (03/17)
Senate budget includes $1B boost for IHS (03/14)
Urban Indian center cites security breach (03/14)
Cherokee medical student aims to be an oncologist (03/12)
Red Lake students market Ojibwe cookbook (03/11)
Indians with disabilities lack services in schools (03/10)
Blog: Racial disparities in women's health care (03/10)
Blog: Extra abortion limits placed on Indian women (03/07)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe revoked license for pharmacy (03/07)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe and CMU join for health (03/07)
Rep. Boren hopes to put Indian apology in IHCIA (03/06)
Sen. Tester: A victory on Indian health reauthorization (03/05)
Report examines health status of urban Indians (03/05)
Pharmacy on Seneca-Cayuga land shut down (03/05)
New Mexico governor signs urban Indian health law (03/04)
Yankton Sioux Tribe still fighting to save ER (02/29)
Editorial: A big step for improving Indian health (02/29)
Groups praise passage of Indian Health Care Act (02/27)
Senate on final day of IHCIA debate (02/26)
Senate resumes debate on IHCIA (02/25)
Sen. Dorgan vows approval of Indian Health Care Act (02/25)
IHS resolves another self-determination dispute (02/20)
Editorial: Pass Indian Health Care Improvement Act (02/19)
Senate to resume debate on IHCIA next week (02/18)
Senate resumes debate on Indian Health Care (02/14)
Yankton Sioux Tribe in push to save emergency room (02/13)
IHS approves expansion of air ambulance program (02/12)
Senate panel vows speedy action on IHS nominee (02/08)
Report cites high rate of violence against Native women (02/08)
Cherokee Nation dedicates $23M health center (02/08)
Yankton Sioux Tribe tries to save emergency room (02/08)
Cherokee Nation to dedicate $17M health clinic (02/07)
Diabetes study found increased risk of death (02/07)
Senate confirmation hearing for McSwain at IHS (02/07)
IHS budget sees cut in final year of Bush era (02/06)
Letter: Indian health care a treaty obligation (02/06)
Editorial: Struggle continues for Indian health (02/04)
Senate confirmation hearing for IHS director (02/04)
Garcia pushes for IHCIA in State of Indian Nations (02/01)
Editorial: Reponsibility for Indian health care (01/28)
Sen. Thune: Pass Indian Health Care Improvement Act (01/28)
Abourezk: Hope for Indian health care reform (01/25)
Senate vote on IHCIA delayed until next week (01/24)
Day 2 of debate on Indian Health Care Improvement (01/23)
Northwest tribes await outcome of IHCIA vote (01/23)
Senate opens debate on Indian Health Care Improvement Act (01/22)
Shakopee Tribe donates $1M to Bad River Band (01/22)
Tanka Bar a big hit for South Dakota company (01/21)
Sen. Coburn won't hold up Indian health bill (01/21)
Abourezk: GOP candidates silent on IHCIA (01/18)
Editorial: Keep Oklahoma hospital in hands of IHS (01/18)
Senate expected to vote on Indian Health Care Act (01/17)
Cherokee Nation ridicules UKB bid for IHS contract (01/17)
Rule change helps reservation addiction counselors (01/16)
Oklahoma tribes compete for IHS contract (01/16)
Columbus and crew accused of spreading syphilis (01/15)
Montana, Wyoming tribes awarded $5.6M grant (01/15)
Urban Indian center in Wisconsin shuts down (01/15)
Snoqualmie Tribe seeks to buy hospital site (01/11)
Urban Indian health center opens doors in Fresno (01/09)