Home-brewed drink affecting First Nations youth (12/20)
Bush nominates McSwain as director of IHS (12/19)
IHS told to pay $25M, plus interest, for contract (12/18)
Sen. Dorgan wants IHS facility investigated (12/17)
Rare disease affects Navajo children at high rate (12/17)
Top IHS official to retire after 42 years of service (12/17)
Ho-Chunk Nation reintroduces bison in Wisconsin (12/14)
Prenatal care improves among Oklahoma Indians (12/13)
Urban Indian health center in Phoenix might close (12/13)
Lac Du Flambeau Band breaks ground on health center (12/07)
Native hockey legend urges youth to stay sober (12/07)
State loses case over Indian Health Care Improvement Act (12/04)
Link between PCBs and diabetes in Mohawks (11/30)
Study: Few Navajos are screened for cancer (11/30)
Heart disease and cancer are top killers in Indian Country (11/29)
Report highlights Native children in foster care (11/27)
Reservations account for high suicide rate (11/27)
Report: Too many Native children in foster care (11/20)
Sen. Johnson asks IHS about youth suicide (11/19)
Interview: War on diabetes in Indian Country (11/19)
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony health center delayed (11/09)
Indian youth in Montana drink and smoke more (11/09)
Chickasaw Nation to break ground on new hospital (11/09)
House subcommittee approves Indian health care bill (11/08)
Conference focuses on AIDS in Indian Country (11/08)
Soo Tribe closes health center due to water damage (11/06)
Oklahoma tribes, urban Indian center win grant (10/31)
IHCIA delayed but could come up next week (10/26)
Northern Arapaho Tribe tackles infant mortality (10/25)
Minnesota tribes confront fetal alchol syndrome (10/23)
Indian health care bill cleared for vote in Senate (10/22)
Report details cancer rates among Native Americans (10/16)
Buzz for Tanka Bar leads to sellout online (10/10)
Morongo Band raises money for stricken fire chief (10/10)
Bill seeks to address Native veterans' health care (10/10)
Indian health care leaders win prestigious award (10/04)
Tesuque Pueblo starts food sovereignty conference (10/03)
Tanka Bar launches this weekend in Rapid City (10/03)
Nike's 'Air Native' shoes draw some complaints (10/03)
Center to study diabetes, health disparities (10/02)
Yellow Bird: Diabetes too common among Indians (10/01)
Pine Ridge entrepreneurs launch the Tanka Bar (09/28)
Navajo students develop anti-drunk driving slogans (09/26)
Nike develops the 'Air Native N7' for Native feet (09/26)
Mother questioned for putting fry bread in lunchbox (09/24)
Montana-Wyoming tribes win substance abuse grant (09/21)
IHS puts layoffs on hold in South Dakota (09/21)
DEA targets prescription drug abuse in Montana (09/14)
Indian Country rallies for health care in U.S. Capitol (09/13)
Indian health care markup, rally in Washington (09/12)
First Nation seeks help after attempted suicides (09/11)
Senate markup on Indian Health Care Act (09/10)
Grim explains reasons for withdrawing nomination (09/07)
Charles Grim withdraws nomination for IHS (09/06)
STDs a touchy subject for Tohono O'odham Nation (09/06)
Mississippi Choctaw whooping cough threat subsides (09/06)
Tribes push for reauthorization of health care act (09/05)
Rally for Indian health set in DC for September 12 (09/04)
Whooping cough outbreak hits Mississippi Choctaws (08/31)
IHS plans expansion of South Dakota facility (08/30)
NIHB Chair: Tribal membership not for sale (08/24)
Cowlitz Tribe serves all at growing health clinic (08/24)
Syphilis outbreak affects Tohono O'odham Nation (08/24)
Salt River Tribe starts work on medical complex (08/23)
Health system promises help for South Dakota tribes (08/21)
Wild horses get more money than IHS hospital (08/16)
Senate field hearing on Indian health in Montana (08/15)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band builds health clinic (08/13)
Editorial: Don't close Yankton emergency room (08/13)
Senate field hearing on health this Wednesday (08/13)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe dedicates WIC building (08/10)
Citizen Potatawomi chef wins award for PBS show (08/08)
IHS can close emergency room in South Dakota (08/07)
Fond du Lac Band opens off-reservation pharmacy (08/07)
Senate field hearing on health care on August 15 (08/06)
Sen. Domenici pushes for Indian diabetes program (08/03)
IHCIA reauthorization exchange on Senate floor (08/02)
IHS suffers from long waits, inadequate funding (07/30)
Study to focus on Indian children in Montana (07/30)
White House blocked testimony on trust responsibility (07/27)
Jodi Rave: Sacred Hoop Journey inspires hope (07/26)
White House revised Grim's testimony on trust (07/26)
IHS slow to resolve audit recommendations under Grim (07/26)
Study cites potential for obesity epidemic (07/26)
Senate confirmation hearing for Dr. Grim of IHS (07/26)
Mashpee woman takes Native foods across nation (07/25)
Boy's death in Alaska Native village ruled a suicide (07/24)
Rapid City eatery promises healthy Native foods (07/24)
Pill 'epidemic' strikes reservations in Montana (07/23)
Senate confirmation hearing for Dr. Grim of IHS (07/23)
FEMA trailers contaminated by toxic formaldehyde (07/20)
Lakota man loses 64 pounds on 'Dakota Diet' (07/16)
Traditional healers help Alaska Native soldiers (07/16)
Former Hopi chair diagnosed with terminal cancer (07/16)
Dental groups settle Alaska Native lawsuit (07/12)
Nebraska tribes recognized for health care gains (07/12)
Blackfeet Nation to dedicate medicine wheel (07/12)
Blackfeet Nation lifts alcohol ban during powwow (07/11)
Native Americans at high risk of alcohol dependence (07/05)
Crow Tribe hosts annual Sobriety Campout (06/29)
Judge upholds Alaska Native dental program (06/28)
Direct Service Tribes discuss IHS in Denver (06/27)
Colorado tribe wins contract support cost dispute (06/22)
Federal regulations hinder Navajo food sales (06/21)
CARE center aims to help children in need (06/20)
Jury finds anti-Indian bias at urban Indian clinic (06/15)
First Nation seeks greenhouse to combat diabetes (06/14)
Urban Indian center gets help from Oneida Nation (06/12)
Miss Navajo Nation tackles tough issue: HIV/AIDS (06/11)
Crow Tribe to shut down dialysis center (06/06)
Executive for Alaska health consortium dies at 56 (06/05)
Nebraska tribes receive suicide prevention funds (06/04)
Sen. Tester unveils tribal college initiative (06/04)
Health care discussed at conference in Montana (06/01)
California tribes protest firing of popular doctor (05/31)
New Mexico halts autopsies for Navajo Nation (05/29)
Chippewa Cree Tribe signs Medicaid deal with state (05/25)
Lakota man featured in 'Good Meat' documentary (05/25)
Hepatitis tests urged for some Alaska Natives (05/22)
Study: Diabetes drug increases risk of heart attack (05/22)
IHCIA includes provisions for New Mexico tribes (05/17)
Youth with disabilities summit in Albuquerque (05/15)
South Dakota Indians left behind on health care (05/14)
Suicide far too common among Alaska Native villages (05/14)
Rep. Wilson opposes urban Indian health cut (05/10)
Emergency room at IHS facility fails inspection (05/09)
Eating disorders high among Native Americans (05/08)
Indian center in Green Bay reduces services (05/08)
Indian mortality rates still high, according to CDC (05/03)
FDA expands suicide warnings on antidepressants (05/03)
Indian Health Care Act introduced in Senate (05/02)
California tribes seek bigger share of health funding (05/01)
Crow students hold second walk against meth (04/30)
Belcourt: Indian Country takes path of healthy living (04/30)
House committee approves Indian health care bill (04/26)
HHS urged to accept tribal documents for Medicaid (04/26)
HHS holds consultation session in Salt Lake City (04/25)
Alaska Native leaders target alcohol smuggling (04/20)
Arizona ranks second for Indian HIV/AIDS cases (04/20)
HIV/AIDS cases rise among Indians in Minnesota (04/17)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe responds to youth suicide (04/17)
Editorial: Diabetes still a major threat in Indian Country (04/12)
Alaska Native suicide rates remain high (04/10)
Meetings planned to discuss cancer on reservations (04/10)
Indian diabetes program up for reauthorization (04/09)
Indians in Southwest see high rates of diabetes (04/09)
Montana and Wyoming tribes host health conference (04/06)
Eastern Band uses high tech tool to track asthma (04/06)
Montana lawmaker presses for health care funding (04/05)
Navajo Nation to debut new health center (04/04)
First Nation claims success in battle against sniffing (04/03)
Editorial: Celebrate first Navajo woman surgeon (04/03)
Native children at higher risk of fatal accidents (04/03)
Chippewa Cree Tribe to open new health clinic (03/27)
Colorado Senate opposes urban Indian health cut (03/26)
Chief Wahoo won't appear at 'civil rights' game (03/22)
Editorial: Save urban Indian clinics from Bush cut (03/22)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe marks Native HIV/AIDS Day (03/22)
Opinion: U.S. failing to provide Indian health care (03/22)
Jodi Rave: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness (03/21)
Kara Briggs: The fight to reauthorize IHCIA (03/21)
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (03/20)
Urban Indians hurt by IHS policy in Montana (03/20)
Indian health care push heads to House (03/19)
Alaska Natives face credit problems over health (03/16)
Cheyenne-Arapaho girl battles chronic lung disease (03/16)
Native family strong in face of father's cancer (03/16)
Seneca Nation opposes closures at hospitals (03/16)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares emergency over suicides (03/15)
Opinion: Urban Indians being denied health care (03/15)
Yellow Bird: Colon cancer screening essential (03/14)
DOJ stumbles to explain Indian health 'white paper' (03/14)
Senators seek restoration of urban Indian program (03/14)
House hearing on Indian Health Care Improvement (03/14)
Bush administration takes limited view of Indian health (03/12)
Senate holds Indian Health Care Improvement Act hearing (03/09)
Some urban Indians denied care at request of IHS (03/08)
Urban Indians in New Mexico feel left out on health (03/08)
Senate hearing on Indian Health reauthorization (03/08)
Tulalip Tribes move pharmacy over IHS shortfalls (03/07)
Indian Health Care Act introduced in House (03/07)
Opinion: Getting the story right on alcoholism (03/05)
Hearings on Indian Health Care Improvement Act (03/05)
Dental aides practice on reserve in Saskatchewan (03/02)
Film to focus on Alaska Native woman taken from family (03/02)
Navajo police investigate employees' sickness (02/23)
Nebraska governor to discuss Native youth suicide (02/23)
Editorial: Republicans turn on tribes and treaties (02/23)
Minnesota tribes sign child welfare agreement (02/23)
Elder calls attention to epidemic of suicides (02/23)
New Mexico trying to make up for IHS shortfalls (02/22)
New Mexico governor backs Indian health care push (02/21)
CDC: Indians suffer highest rate of heart disease (02/20)
Fairbanks Native Association addresses teen issues (02/20)
Eastern Cherokee Band weighs mail-order pharmacy (02/20)
Nicotine use rates high among Alaska Native youth (02/19)
Tribe in Panama benefits from daily use of cocoa (02/19)
IHS to force urban Indians to travel for prescriptions (02/16)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe to build diabetes center (02/16)
First Nations intervene in case over smoking ban (02/16)
Consuming fish during pregnancy helps child (02/16)
Death of teen ruled an accidental overdose (02/15)
Urban Indians in Phoenix protest Bush budget cut (02/14)
Tribes, Alaska Natives pursue class action IHS suit (02/14)
Group seeks to ban tobacco use on Navajo Nation (02/14)
Ads target teen pregnancy among Alaska Natives (02/09)
Maine governor backs Penobscot pharmacy (02/08)
Bush budget cuts health, education and housing (02/08)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting, hearing (02/08)
Nearly two dozen suicide attempts on First Nation (02/07)
Montana tribes form brain injury support groups (02/07)
IHS budget eliminates urban Indian health program (02/07)
Penobscot Nation's pharmacy business investigated (02/06)
Indian infant mortality rate high in South Dakota (02/06)
With test at Navajo, IHS prepares for flu outbreak (02/06)
Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on diabetes (02/05)
Haskell University develops women's health program (02/02)
Tribes forced to ration funds for health services (02/02)
Chickasaw Nation tackles youth substance abuse (01/30)
Nebraska tribes make suicide prevention a priority (01/29)
Santee Sioux Tribe worried about youth suicide (01/26)
Urban Indian clinic in Fresno loses IHS contract (01/26)
Cherokee Nation donates $1.5M to OU Medicine (01/25)
Report cites high rates of substance abuse disorders (01/24)
Muscogee Nation creates $500K diabetes care fund (01/23)
Cancer deaths decline for second year in a row (01/18)
Interview: Inadequate health care in Indian Country (01/16)