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Commentary: Tribal lobbyist scandal is familiar tale
Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Ever since Columbus waded ashore, say the elders beside the Knife and the Little Big Horn, white men in funny hats have been asking, "Where did that Indian go?" In this context, the latest scandal involving Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon, the Republican operatives who allegedly fleeced six casino tribes out of $80 million by promising them, well, a little slice of heaven in Washington is an old story come full circle.

Sure, editorial boards at the New York Times and the Washington Post, among others, are right to call for their heads. The practice of mocking tribal leaders as "morons" and "monkeys" while allegedly stealing them blind gives off a foul odor, even in the nation's capital.

Tribes have grown so accustomed to this sort of treatment from Bible-thumping politicians in "the party of values," though, that when the Scanlon/Abramoff story broke, it didn't prompt enough reaction in Shiprock or Lame Deer to bump the girls basketball team off Page 1. Out there in the Big Empty, where silence has always been as bold a statement as any, the Republican Party's stone-faced vigil amid mounting outrage is as clear an indictment as any headline.

Tribal leaders' collective shrug over the scandal is their way of asking: Where was your outrage when Mike Whalen, then assistant attorney general for the state of South Dakota, declared in the '90s: "The Native American culture is a culture of hopelessness, godlessness, joblessness and lawlessness, a mongrelized people living on the outskirts of Western civilization"? Where, they ask, was your outrage in August 2000, when delegates to the Republican Party's convention in Washington state asked the federal government to expel native people from their homelands and declare all Indian treaties null and void?

Eighty million dollars? Heck, that's chump change, say tribal attorneys. What about the billions of dollars in mineral royalties owed to native people that went missing over the last century?"

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Paul VanDevelder: Just One More Tribal Tale of Abuse (The Los Angeles Times 1/13)
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After more than 17 years of litigation through three presidential administrations, the Quapaw Nation has emerged victorious in court.

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When Carla Douglas was born, her mother wanted a daughter so badly she named the young child Carla Georgina and began dressing her in girl's clothing.

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The voting rights of Native Americans are routinely suppressed by a slew of requirements and practices, such as photo ID laws and a scarcity of polling places, tribal leaders said.

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The number of Indian Health Service patients with insurance rose from 64 percent in 2013 to 78 percent in 2018, according to a new report.

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This is no longer a case of being a Democrat or a Republican: It is a case of being an American.

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Private development in the Crazy Mountains sparks anxiety for wilderness advocates

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Victor Swallow: This summer I turned 80 years old

We elderly have stories to tell. Stories about the hardships we endured.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: Americans can't resist celebrating our 'founders'

Indian-White History of America isn’t unique but the truth is, our history is not behind us and it is not forgiven.

Indigenous hunters are protecting our environment

Everyone should acknowledge the positive impact Indigenous hunting can have on the protection and monitoring of the environment.

YES! Magazine: How we can make a difference for climate change

When it comes to climate change, one expert says: 'Every single person can make a huge difference, and when we come together to work, anything is possible.'

Cronkite News: Trump rebuked a second time for diverting funds to border wall

Congress voted yet again to terminate President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border, which he has cited to justify use of Pentagon funds for border construction.

Native Sun News Today: Lawmakers aim to mend 'Broken Promises' in Indian Country

Rep. Deb Haaland and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have teamed up on a comprehensive Indian Country legislative proposal.

Ivan Star Comes Out: We must heed the laws of our ancestors

Our elders have been telling us to find our original teachings and to live by them.

Siku Allooloo: Canada is built on racism, genocide, violence, and theft

Two generations saw our Inuit and Dine homelands in Northern Canada nearly destroyed. Now my way of life is one of cultural repair.

Cronkite News: Lawmakers hear sobering stories of gun violence

A panel of lawmakers, advocates and medical professionals shared sobering stories about gun violence in the hopes of spurring the U.S. Congress into action.

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Four years after welcoming big crowds to its Western-themed gaming facility, the Eastern Shawnee Tribe is calling it quits.

Pamunkey Tribe keeps options open in pursuit of $700 million casino

The recently recognized Pamunkey Tribe is moving forward with a $700 million gaming resort in Virginia.

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Money for #MMIW task force in Arizona goes missing in bureaucracy

A task force on missing and murdered indigenous women is waiting on $150,000 promised by the state of Arizona.

Rosebud Sioux citizens gain control of power company

For the first time, Sicangu Nation citizens have gained the majority of seats on the board of directors for the company supplying their electricity.

'I want my government to reflect actually the people': One candidate's vision

Steve Bullock, a Democratic candidate for president, sat down with Indian Country Today for a wide-ranging interview, the first of its kind for a Native newsroom.

James Giago Davies: Democrats are awful and Republicans stink

There is no long term difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They both serve the oligarchy.

How some North Americans claim a false Indigenous identity

Recently in Canada and the United States, a small but vocal minority of white French-descendants have used an ancestor born between 300 and 400 years ago to claim an 'Indigenous' identity.

How we can become naturalized, mindful and respectful of Indigenous laws

The descendants of settlers and immigrants can’t become Indigenous to the land where we live. But we can follow the models of coexistence.

Trump administration goes on the record for Indian Country funding

Does the Trump administration support funding the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service ahead of time?

Tribal Coastal Resiliency Act inches forward on Capitol Hill

A bill that would help tribes address the effects of climate change in coastal areas is advancing for the first time.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes demand consultation to protect ancestral lands

The federal government has treaty and trust responsibilities to tribal governments, including the protection of tribal cultural resources.

Native grandma and grandkids get the boot after fire in home

A Lakota grandmother has been evicted from her house after nearly four years of living there, due to a fire she had no responsibility for.

Clara Caufield: Life in a reservation border town

As border towns go, Sheridan, Wyoming, may be one of the best, though, in my opinion, it could improve on relationships with Natives.

Native Americans have second-highest opioid death rate in the nation

Native American advocates are seeking more funding and new ways to tackle the opioid crisis in Indian Country as overdose death rates continue to rise.

Trump decries 'witch hunt' after Democrats launch impeachment bid

Democrats are opening a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump amid controversy over his dealings with a foreign nation.

'Does the White House support VAWA?': Trump officials won't say

The Trump administration's commitment to Indian Country was tested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol when representatives of the White House refused to answer questions about expanding protections for Native women.

Ponca Chief Standing Bear completes one last journey of triumph

Forced out of his people's homelands by the United States, Ponca Chief Standing Bear ended up becoming one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders.

'Indigenous nations will sacrifice all we have to give to defend Unci Maka'

Our ceremonies have told us to prepare for hard times. We are in those times.

Tim Giago: A matter of life and death at Indian Health Service hospital

What is happening at the Sioux San Hospital in South Dakota is no longer a laughing matter.

Native women are paid only 57 percent of what White men make

Today, we acknowledge the role that the wage gap plays in the many forms of centuries-long oppression of Native American Women.

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