Tsuu T'ina Nation to appeal contempt of court (12/18)
Statistics Canada reports on employment, prisons (12/16)
New pick set for residential school commission (12/15)
Native man calls daughters' deaths an accident (12/12)
Racism denied in shooting death of Native teen (12/10)
Inuit in Canada at highest risk for lung cancer (12/09)
UN committee seeks answers on Native women (11/25)
Native leader faces another hate crimes trial (11/24)
Ex-school commission chair discusses resignation (11/14)
Native men acquitted of Saskatchewan murder (11/13)
Tsuu T'ina Nation due back in court over utilities (11/12)
Opinion: Canada's Obama will be a Native person (11/12)
Tsuu T'ina Nation found in contempt of court (11/11)
Trial opens into death of five-year-old Native girl (11/06)
First Nations seek inquiry into police shootings (11/05)
First Nations reach land deal with British Columbia (11/05)
Replacement sought on Native truth commission (11/04)
Native man pleads guilty for daughters' deaths (11/04)
Opinion: AFN chief interferes with commission (11/03)
AFN chief disputes meddling with commission (10/31)
Children started fire that killed two Native boys (10/31)
Meeting held on residential school commission (10/30)
Two children killed in fire on Manitoba reserve (10/30)
Study: Native graduation rates low in Canada (10/30)
Arrest of suspect in Native abuse cases (10/29)
Inter-American Commission hears Native case (10/29)
Opinion: Compensate Native singers for their time (10/27)
Column: Native people less evolved than others (10/27)
South Dakota loses Native cigarette case (10/24)
Meeting set over residential school commission (10/24)
'Truth' commissioner disagrees with former chair (10/23)
Chair of residential school commission resigns (10/21)
Catholics seek sainthood for Native woman (10/17)
First Nations leaders concerned about voter IDs (10/14)
Non-Native leads 'truth' commission in Canada (10/09)
Bailout helps troubled First Nations University (10/08)
March calls attention to missing Native women (10/07)
Murder trial stalled due to 'Indian' status issue (10/06)
Mohawks get apology and $46M for power projects (10/03)
First Nation reports second death in two weeks (10/02)
Teen held in connection with murder on reserve (10/02)
Canada drops most charges against Mohawk activist (09/30)
Natives make up 20 percent of prison population (09/26)
First Nation leaders took big chunk of settlement (09/26)
Native inmate captured on Saskatchewan reserve (09/24)
Teen Native sisters reported missing in Manitoba (09/23)
Escapee: Native inmates denied ceremonies (09/19)
Native inmate who escaped prison captured (09/18)
Standoff at reserve fails to turn up escaped inmate (09/16)
Candidate resigns for 1990 comments on Mohawks (09/12)
Two escaped Native inmates captured in Manitoba (09/10)
Column: More trust needed between Natives, police (09/05)
Eight Native people shot by police in Canada (09/05)
Search of reserve fails to turn up missing inmates (09/05)
Native man shot and killed by police in Saskatchewan (09/04)
Teen charged with murder on Manitoba reserve (09/02)
Inmates who escaped prison linked to Native gangs (09/02)
Native teenager charged with murder on Cree reserve (08/29)
First Nation sues Canada over infrastructure (08/27)
Residents worried about Native inmate escape (08/27)
Six Native inmates escaped prison in Saskatchewan (08/26)
Arrest made in one of murders on Alberta reserve (08/26)
Letter: Treat First Nations like the Third World (08/25)
Column: Canadian police raided 'illegal' potlatch in 1921 (08/22)
Rewards offered for killings on Alberta reserve (08/20)
Gang shooting leaves woman dead on Alberta reserve (08/19)
Native woman, missing for four years, found dead (08/12)
Another homicide on troubled reserve in Alberta (08/07)
Native games draw 4,500 athletes to Canada (08/05)
Native man killed in police shooting in Manitoba (08/05)
Young man, possibly Native, killed in vicious attack (07/31)
Native truth commission attorney questioned (07/31)
Tribal Canoe Journey reaches final destination (07/29)
Treaty process costs British Columbia over $1B (07/29)
Gangs blamed for death of 16-year-old Native boy (07/29)
Inuit in Canada condemn ban on seal products (07/24)
Police official under fire for spying on Mohawk man (07/22)
Native swimmer represents Canada in Olympics (07/21)
First Nation pulls children from school in Quebec (07/18)
Only half of police officers on reserves are Native (07/15)
Native boy rescued from sinking truck (07/15)
Court strikes down sentences of Native protesters (07/08)
Native teen from Manitoba missing for two weeks (07/03)
Opinion: New France treated Natives with respect (07/03)
Teen charged with murder of 9-year-old Native boy (06/30)
Supreme Court upholds Native fishery in Canada (06/30)
First Nation's anti-drug law rejected by Canada (06/25)
Twins put together Native women's calendar (06/24)
First Nation leaders face ouster over unpaid bills (06/20)
First Nations concerned about police shootings (06/19)
Water service restored to First Nation in Manitoba (06/19)
DNA links Alaska Natives to man found in glacier (06/18)
First Nation in Manitoba loses water service (06/18)
Cause of fire that killed three boys determined (06/17)
Natives account for 69 percent of new HIV cases (06/17)
Testimony continues over shooting of Native teen (06/16)
Man fatally shot by police on Saskatchewan reserve (06/16)
Lawmaker apologizes for 'hurtful' remarks (06/13)
Editorial: An emotional apology from Canada (06/13)
Canada apologies for 'failing' Native people (06/12)
Canada to deliver Native apology this afternoon (06/11)
Natives are 3 percent of hate crime victims in Canada (06/10)
First Nation reclaims ancestors from New York museum (06/10)
Canada to apologize to Native students on Wednesday (06/10)
Thieves snatch priceless works by late Haida artist (05/28)
Native woman killed in crash after lacrosse game (05/28)
Residential school payments tied to deaths (05/22)
Native teen, 16, wanted on murder charge (05/22)
Man appears in court over daughters' deaths (05/22)
More than half of foster care kids are Native (05/21)
Remains confirmed to belong to missing Native teen (05/19)
Studies show discrimination of Natives in Canada (05/16)
Canada's prime minister to apologize to Natives (05/16)
Adam Beach to promote Native media ventures (05/15)
Tribes in U.S. and Canada address gangs, drugs (05/14)
Saskatchewan First Nations plan treatment center (05/13)
Native residential students wary of claims process (05/13)
Two charged with murder of missing Native teen (05/08)
Native girl faces charges for vehicle rollover (05/07)
Arrest in connection with missing Native teen (05/06)
Native teen dies in accident on Saskatchewan reserve (05/05)
Native man charged with death of two daughters (05/02)
Native leader upset by 'wine and beer' comment (04/30)
Canada set to apologize to Native school students (04/29)
Five injured in explosion on Saskatchewan reserve (04/25)
Toddler injured in drive-by shooting released (04/25)
Fontaine: Apologize to Native school students (04/23)
First Nation seeks probe of police shooting (04/23)
Mohawk protesters block highway in land dispute (04/21)
National day of protest in Canada on May 29 (04/18)
Canada pays out $1.3B in residential school case (04/17)
Mother of injured toddler calls for end to violence (04/17)
Teens charged for drive-by shooting on reserve (04/16)
Toddler shot in drive-by shooting on reserve (04/15)
Controversial Native leader won't rejoin group (04/04)
Group examines missing, dead residential students (04/03)
Uproar over controversial Native leader's return (04/02)
Fire that killed three boys claims another victim (04/01)
Controversial Native leader gets old position back (04/01)
Mi'kmaq in Newfoundland accept recognition (03/31)
Native woman missing for more than two months (03/28)
Drug sweep nets 29 arrests in Mohawk communities (03/27)
Native man from Canada given U.S. green card (03/27)
Report into Native man's death to be delayed (03/21)
Three Native boys killed in house fire laid to rest (03/18)
High HIV rate reported among Natives in Manitoba (03/18)
First Nation devastated by loss of three boys in fire (03/13)
Remembering the Children tour makes final stop (03/12)
Three children dead in fire on Manitoba reserve (03/12)
Churches apologize for role at residential schools (03/11)
Native youth in Manitoba launch 310-mile walk (03/10)
Canada bill backs Native womens' property rights (03/05)
Native women were told not to smudge sweetgrass (03/03)
Native group home for children is shut down (02/27)
Canada to apologize to Native residential students (02/22)
Native students want condom machines in schools (02/19)
School seeks to keep Cayuga language alive (02/15)
Native teen with cancer starts bone marrow drive (02/12)
First Nation meets after tragic deaths of toddlers (02/08)
Police alerted to Native residential payout scams (02/08)
Native leader faces second hate crimes trial (02/04)
Investigation into toddlers' deaths begins (02/01)
Police claim officers assaulted at Mohawk protest (02/01)
Two young girls found dead on Saskatchewan reserve (01/31)
Native officer fired after citing police racism (01/31)
First Nation found guilty of discrimination (01/29)
Man charged with spreading hate on the Internet (01/25)
Coroner sought inquest into Native man's death (01/24)
Off-reserve Natives more likely to be overweight (01/24)
Thousands denied residential school payments (01/23)
Deaths linked to residential school payouts (01/22)
Native teen found frozen to death in Manitoba (01/22)
Canada's Native population tops 1 million mark (01/17)
Some ex-residential students haven't been paid (01/17)
Appeals court upholds new trial for Native leader (01/15)
New group seeks to find missing Native people (01/10)
Officer contradicts testimony in Native death inquiry (01/10)
Ex-sergeant admits mistake in Native man's death (01/09)
Former First Nations chief dies in boating accident (01/09)
Inquiry into Native man's death in alley resumes (01/08)