Judge tells police to release video from Native man's shooting (12/17)
Teenager charged for second-degree murder on Alberta reserve (12/14)
Native man urged to file formal complaint about officer incident (12/10)
Native man to pursue complaint after being abandoned by police (12/09)
Native man alleges police officers left him on the outskirts of town (12/08)
Editorial: More transparency needed over salaries at First Nations (12/07)
CBC News: Native veterans receive grant for unmarked graves (12/03)
Leader of tiny First Nation in Nova Scotia defends $243K salary (12/03)
Judge releases video of Native man being kicked by police officer (12/02)
Kenneth Deer: Canada eats crow on indigenous rights declaration (11/24)
Taxpayer group releases information about First Nation salaries (11/23)
Officer waited four seconds before shooting Native wood carver (11/16)
Opinion: Why Canadian government flipped on indigenous rights (11/15)
First Nations family renews push for inquiry into officer shooting (11/12)
Former prosecutors testified at inquiry over death of Native man (11/11)
Preston Twoyoungmen: Talk about solutions for Native's success (11/10)
Knife carried by Native wood carver was found in closed position (11/10)
Series: Canada's Indian minister downplays conditions on reserves (11/09)
Book claims Native soldiers 'scalped' captives during World War II (11/09)
Mohawks on both sides of border work to combat 'hillbilly heroin' (11/08)
Canada has no plans to intervene in election dispute at First Nation (11/04)
Inquiry into death of Native man reopened to hear more testimony (11/04)
Chief of First Nation cancels election, prompting protest blockade (11/02)
Series: 'Broken peoples, broken policy' among the First Nations (11/01)
Opinion: Treaties with First Nations don't stand the test of time (11/01)
Doug Cuthand: Respect the treaty framework with First Nations (10/29)
Native community worried about safety after multiple shootings (10/29)
Metis activist and partner dead after apparent murder-suicide (10/28)
Report: Native ecological knowledge and energy development (10/27)
First Nation won't comment on alleged $250K payment to worker (10/21)
Group calls for more public disclosure of First Nations salaries (10/19)
Criminal probe for death of Native man in hospital waiting room (10/15)
Reports: Fatal shooting of Native woodcarver ruled not justified (10/15)
Turtle Talk: Native women's groups divided in prostitution case (10/13)
County orders inquest of fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (10/12)
Opinion: Political salaries on First Nations should stay public (10/11)
Vandals destroy elders' lounge at First Nation in Saskatchewan (10/08)
Officer among nine charged with attack at home on First Nation (10/07)
Autopsy: Native carver was shot four times in his side by officer (10/06)
Actor Adam Beach urges First Nations youth to pursue dreams (10/06)
Missing Women inquiry seeks views from First Nations, families (10/06)
Board in Washington opens probe into shooting of Native man (10/04)
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne opposes nuclear waste transfer (10/04)
Three Native women murdered in city in Ontario in past month (10/01)
Survey examines attitudes of Native youth throughout Canada (09/30)
First Nations participating in One Laptop Per Child pilot program (09/30)
First Nation seeks James Cameron's assistance in oilsands fight (09/29)
Suspect hit with murder charge after Metis man dies from attack (09/29)
Mohawk woman charged with accessory to murder after the fact (09/29)
Manitoba Metis family suffers another tragedy with man's death (09/28)
Accident claims lives of three youth from Saskatchewan reserve (09/28)
Interview: Native traditions affected by climate change in Greenland (09/24)
Man convicted of Native girl's murder still working on his appeal (09/24)
First Nations in Saskatchewan seek exemption from gun registry (09/24)
Series: The 'underground' tobacco industry on Mohawk reserves (09/23)
Series: The 'underground' tobacco industry on Mohawk reserves (09/22)
Judge finds First Nations man guilty of forcing woman out in cold (09/21)
Series: The 'underground' tobacco industry on Mohawk reserves (09/21)
Family of Native man who died in hospital waiting room plans suit (09/17)
Police department makes changes after First Nations man's death (09/16)
Kanesatake First Nation calls meeting to discuss youth violence (09/14)
Parks Canada employees disciplined for sending offensive e-mail (09/10)
Police promise better outreach after fatal shooting of Native man (09/09)
Native leaders seek inquiry of police shooting of traditional carver (09/08)
Blood Tribe receives $50M in royalties for oil and gas development (09/08)
Political party in New Brunswick wants Native languages in schools (09/07)
First Nations in mourning after fatal shooting of traditional carver (09/03)
First Nations man shot and killed by officer was deaf in one ear (09/02)
First Nations man shot and killed by police officer in Washington (09/01)
Al Jazeera: Native women continue to disappear all over Canada (09/01)
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Alvin Manitopyes: Culture and spirituality are our greatest allies (08/23)
Canadian government offers apology for Inuit who were relocated (08/19)
First Nations might be interested in hosting nuclear waste facility (08/17)
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Interview: Chief Mike Delisle of Kahnawake Mohawk First Nation (08/16)
Opposition halts plans for Native treatment center in Manitoba (08/10)
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Two children injured after van runs over them on Paul First Nation (08/06)
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Arrest made over 2004 homicide of transgendered Native woman (07/16)
Native youth project exposes racial animosity in town in Ontario (07/15)
First Nation prepares for 2011 removal of dam in New Brunswick (07/07)
Girl adopted by Paiute family reconnects with First Nation roots (07/01)
Body confirmed to be that of missing 14-year-old Native teen (06/30)
Body of missing First Nations teen believed to have been found (06/29)
Brent Wesley: An Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act (06/28)
First Nation uncovers burial site of 4,600-year-old Native man (06/23)
Mohawk girls soccer team faced taunts at game off reserve (06/18)
First Nations plan protests over national sales tax initiative (06/17)
Column: Let First Nations take control of their own destinies (06/17)
Saskatchewan reports 13 foster care deaths so far this year (06/15)
First Nation seeks inquiry after another death in foster care (06/14)
Judge allows lawsuit for former residential school students (06/08)
Sto:lo Nation suspends hereditary chief over abuse charges (06/04)
Gay man cites homophobia for arson on Peguis First Nation (06/02)
Native woman on trial after being shot by Saskatoon police (06/01)
Teen charged for fatal shooting of Native woman in Alberta (05/26)
Native gang member a suspect in woman's death in Alberta (05/25)
Native teen, 14, dies after sniffing propane in Saskatchewan (05/18)
Manslaughter charge for Native woman's death after attack (05/13)
Lawsuit filed over Native man who died in detention facility (05/12)
Native men to make canoe trip along historic trading route (05/12)
Column: Elders from Peruvian tribe battle oil development (05/07)
Man charged for drive-by shooting on Samson Cree Nation (05/04)
First Nations University plans to sell one of its campuses (05/04)
Blood Tribe returns home after storm causes evacuation (05/03)
Coast Guard investigates crash involving Mohawk boat (04/23)
Louis Bull Tribe expands holdings with purchase of hotel (04/22)
Number of missing or murdered Native women increases (04/21)
Chief who opposed liquor ban pleads to booze violation (04/20)
First Nation to evict 12 over substance abuse problems (04/19)
First Nations University nears shutdown after funding cut (04/13)
Opinion: First Nations poverty and lack of property rights (04/12)
New research looks into urban Native population in Canada (04/06)
Native gangs find new members at powwows, ceremonies (04/01)
Amnesty International supports First Nations in land case (04/01)
Women arrested for protesting against Native budget cut (03/30)
Gang member sentenced for shooting toddler on reserve (03/30)
Saskatchewan to restrict tax-free cigarettes on reserves (03/25)
Police call halt to search for missing First Nations teen (03/25)
Police search continues for 14-year-old First Nations boy (03/23)
First Nation man faces charges for fatal vehicle accident (03/22)
Poll finds Native people face discrimination in Canada (03/16)
Native gangs said to be on the rise throughout Canada (03/16)
CBC News: Canada to expand definition of Indian status (03/10)
PRI: Mohawk First Nation evicts non-Natives from land (03/08)
Innu leader plans to reverse ban on alcohol on reserve (03/08)
Native community mourns deaths of two teenage girls (03/05)
Native leaders condemn 'Native Extraction Service' ad (03/05)
Native man appears in court after naked run in Regina (03/04)
Family of slain Native teen speaks out against violence (03/03)
Ex-boyfriend charged with murdering Native teen girl (03/01)
First Nation moves closer to recovering land in dispute (03/01)
Innu in Quebec continue hunt in protest of land deal (02/23)
VOA News: First Nations represented at Olympics (02/19)
Split Lake First Nation teenage girl killed in house fire (02/16)
Mohawk First Nation continues non-member evictions (02/12)
Adam Beach to make film about revered Native vet (02/11)
Doug George-Kanentiio: Mohawk firm on member rules (02/11)
Editorial: 'Joe Raider' mascot set for chopping block (02/09)
Canoe Lake First Nation lays 10-year-old boy to rest (02/05)
Canada suspends funding over Blood Tribe police chief (02/04)
Opinion: Don't ignore First Nations fishing rights cases (02/03)
Judge dismisses lawsuit over Native teen's death in fire (02/02)
Native boy stuck in vegetative state after tonsil surgery (02/02)
Mohawk First Nation evicts non-members from reserve (02/02)
Boy killed by pack of dogs on Canoe Lake First Nation (02/01)
Native man apologizes for shooting toddler on reserve (01/26)
Sophie Pierre: Series on treaties in British Columbia (01/21)
Natives in Saskatchewan suffer highest rate of diabetes (01/19)
Family seeks apology for 1869 conviction of Native chief (01/14)
Native gang members charged for killing man in prison (01/13)
Boy's death in fire on reserve treated as a homicide (01/08)