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First Nation claims $4M for missed $5 payments under Treaty 6 (07/28)
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Tribunal to hear Native woman's discrimination complaint (05/23)
Canada replaces 'Indian' with 'Aboriginal' in agency name (05/19)
North American Indigenous Games lands in Regina in 2014 (05/17)
Seven Native youth have died while at off-reserve school (05/16)
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Roseau River First Nation evacuates most due to flooding (04/26)
Popular Metis teacher facing more sexual assault charges (04/25)
Native candidate comes under fire for 'Holocaust' remark (04/22)
One person dead in house fire on Saskatchewan reserve (04/21)
National Arts Centre sets all Native production of King Lear (04/20)
Native woman sentenced to 12 years for daughter's death (04/20)
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DOJ investigates officer's fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (04/01)
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Organizers cancel World Indigenous Nations Games in Canada (03/25)
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Judge puts trial on hold due to lack of Native jury participation (03/16)
Four dead after fire and RCMP shooting on Manitoba First Nation (03/15)
Chief of First Nations organization sentenced for drunken driving (03/15)
Sayisi Dene First Nation seeks apology for 1956 forced relocation (03/11)
Editorial: More accountability needed on salaries at First Nations (03/11)
Mohawks support lawsuit to block shipment of nuclear equipment (03/09)
This Magazine: First Nations suffer from dirtiest water in Canada (03/03)
Column: Native woman was survivor of residential school ordeal (03/03)
Seattle mayor proclaims John T. Williams Day in honor of carver (03/01)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe against shipment of nuclear equipment (02/22)
Court boosts Native woman's punishment for drunken driving (02/18)
Blog: 'Conspiracy of Silence' book details murder of Native girl (02/17)
Officer who fatally shot Native woodcarver resigns from force (02/17)
Leader of First Nations organization resists calls to resign post (02/16)
No charges against officer who fatally shot Native woodcarver (02/16)
Inuit teens survive four days in freezing cold in Quebec tundra (02/15)
Chief of First Nations organization faces call to resign from post (02/11)
Squamish First Nation asks members to approve housing project (02/10)
Youth from Cowichan Tribes on high alert after death of teenager (02/08)
First Nations leaders among 23 charged for prescription drug ring (02/08)
About 45000 descendants qualified for Indian Act status in Canada (02/04)
Chief of First Nations organization pleads guilty to impaired driving (02/02)
Authorities investigating homicide of First Nations teenage girl, 17 (02/02)
Column: Putting Native youth in Native homes doesn't always work (02/02)
First Nations protest against development ends with police warning (02/01)
Authorities holding back details into death of Cowichan teenage girl (02/01)
Authorities step up investigation into death of Cowichan teenager (01/31)
Health Canada transfers Native elders out of reserve in Manitoba (01/28)
Health Canada launches investigation of First Nations man's death (01/27)
SocialistWorker: Inquest verdict 'damning' to police officer's story (01/27)
Samson Cree Nation heads to the polls on Friday to choose a chief (01/26)
First Nations girl badly burned in a house fire at Manitoba reserve (01/25)
DOJ opens investigation of Seattle police after Native man's death (01/25)
Raymond Crowchief, respected Siksika elder, and wife pass away (01/25)
Inquest split over fatal shooting of Native man by a police officer (01/21)
Fires on Manitoba reserves claimed 11 children in past 5 years (01/19)
First Nations boy, 11, returns home safe following disappearance (01/17)
Native man on the run for 16 years arrested on Manitoba reserve (01/13)
Class action seeks $2.7B for First Nations descendants in Canada (01/13)
Police officer questioned over fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (01/13)
Inquest begins into officer's fatal shooting of Native wood carver (01/11)
Opinion: Re-examining repatriation efforts among the First Nations (01/03)