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Denise Juneau maintains slim lead in Montana public school race (11/08)
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'Fighting Sioux' signs being removed from North Dakota arena (10/23)
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Ketchikan Indian Community awarded $1.2M education grant (10/19)
Tribal colleges start campaign to end violence against women (10/15)
Anthropologist says Kennewick Man was not Native American (10/10)
Employee fired by UTTC wanted on child pornography charges (10/09)
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South Dakota State University investigating anti-Indian graffiti (10/04)
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Haskell University making 'corrective actions' for athletics (09/14)
Haskell University put on probation for problems with athletes (09/13)
Reward of $25K offered over death of Haliwa-Saponi woman (09/12)
Disputed plaque tells of Indian woman who was tossed in lake (09/12)
University in Michigan brings back Indian logo after 21 years (09/11)
Alleged Indian Ward Churchill loses suit over university job (09/11)
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University on Yakama Reservation resumes classes after blaze (07/11)
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Most states are now free from No Child Left Behind Act mandates (07/06)
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Trial to begin in dispute over self-determination contract costs (06/20)
Keith Moore, Rosebud Sioux, leaving Bureau of Indian Education (06/20)
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House backs bill for economic development on Pueblo trust land (06/19)
Audit questions operations at Indian charter school in California (06/14)
Reservation turnout very low for referendum on 'Fighting Sioux' (06/14)
Tule River Tribe recognizes outstanding Indian school students (06/13)
Soboba Band honors graduates from high school on reservation (06/13)
North Dakota voters support retirement of 'Fighting Sioux' nick (06/13)
Decision day for voters on future of 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (06/12)
Navajo Nation leaders hail decision to maintain school district (06/11)
SFU News: Blood Tribe student aims for career in visual effects (06/08)
Alaska Natives participating in DNA and cultural heritage study (06/06)
Paper runs series on Indian tuition waiver at Fort Lewis College (06/04)
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Review uncovers over 100 cases of deaths at residential schools (06/01)
Haskell University leader avoiding newspaper over investigation (05/31)
Navajo Nation spelling bee champ fails to advance in DC contest (05/31)
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Winnebago Tribe breaks ground on first Educare on a reservation (05/31)
Governor of Alaska signs bill for Alaska Native language council (05/30)
Haskell University investigated for falsified student test scores (05/29)
Winnebago Tribe to break ground on $10 million Educare center (05/29)
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Northern Cheyenne Tribe sues for share of school donations (05/02)
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Moapa Band starts 50-mile walk to protest power plant (04/20)
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American Philosophical Society opens audio archives to tribes (02/16)
Bill in Colorado encourages Indian languages in public schools (02/16)
Cherokee Nation set to distribute $3M to schools in Oklahoma (02/16)
University of Southern Mississippi offers Indian student dorm (02/16)
Choctaw Nation partners with school for 'Choctaw University' (02/16)
Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair set for April (02/15)
Grand Ronde Tribes produces dictionary for Chinuk language (02/14)
UND student leader seeks end to battle over 'Fighting Sioux' (02/14)
National Indian Education Association meets for DC summit (02/10)
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School apologizes to student for using Menominee in class (02/02)
MPR: Program helps Red Lake Nation with drop-out rates (02/01)
UTTC awarded $750K matching grant from Shakopee Tribe (02/01)
Shoshone-Bannock players asked to take breathalyzer test (01/31)
Student reprimanded for using Menominee words at school (01/30)
Osage Nation shuts day care after carbon monoxide scare (01/27)
Arizona's history book claims O'odham people disappeared (01/25)
White House Indian education initiative meets in Oklahoma (01/24)
American Indian Movement Interpretive Center in Minnesota (01/23)
First Tribal Leader Education Roundtable set in South Dakota (01/19)
Chris Eyre to run film department at New Mexico university (01/19)
University of Idaho looking for a boost in Indian enrollment (01/18)
WKAR: Boarding school survivors share their stories with film (01/17)
Editorial: Consult Ute Tribe about getting rid of 'Utes' name (01/13)
Site aims to keep Alutiiq language alive for new generations (01/13)
Flandreau Santee Sioux students use bison as a food source (01/13)
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Schools receive grants for Ojibwe, Cherokee language efforts (01/10)
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