Arizona seeks reconsideration of Havasupai ruling (12/18)
New Times: Good news for Havasupai blood case (12/16)
Washington tribes work to preserve languages (12/11)
Navajo Nation school meets NCLB standards (12/08)
Indian-themed films to be screened at Sundance (12/05)
California school replaces 'Redskins' mascot (12/05)
Hopi woman answers call to serve on Arizona board (12/04)
Column: Bury the 'Sweet Sioux Tomahawk' trophy (12/03)
Santa Fe Indian School mum on development rumors (12/03)
Havasupai Tribe seeks justice in research lawsuit (12/02)
City worried about Santa Fe Indian School plans (12/02)
Cherokee Nation completes renovation of museum (12/01)
Higher Ed: In Havasupai suit, whose blood is it? (12/01)
Thanksgiving event riles parents in California (11/26)
Navajo basketball players settle police lawsuit (11/26)
School district seeks to boost Indian achievement (11/25)
Wisconsin tribes work to keep languages alive (11/20)
School changes mind on Seminole boy's hair (11/19)
Navajo youth launch 'Dine Protection Day' (11/19)
Opinion: Alaska Native students need culture (11/17)
Oklahoma players embrace Indian heritage (11/13)
Conference focuses on keeping languages alive (11/13)
NIEA elects six board members at convention (11/13)
Odawa woman takes permanent CMU post (11/13)
Minnesota university's Indian center marks 25 years (11/12)
Nisqually Tribe to start work on $6.3M youth center (11/12)
Indian professor resigns from university post (11/11)
BIA school breaks ground on $10M expansion (11/11)
Honor for late Tewa linguist Esther Martinez (11/10)
Column: A Lakota who supports 'Fighting Sioux' (11/10)
Jodi Rave: Denise Juneau gets to work in Montana (11/10)
Jodi Rave: Work starts on Native campus center (11/07)
Sports: Students plan return of offensive 'Illiniwek' (11/05)
Editorial: Kudos for Navajo language school book (11/05)
Opinion: Strengthen ties to Alaska Native families (11/04)
Study: Native graduation rates low in Canada (10/30)
Penobscot Nation provides teacher training (10/29)
Blackfeet students walk for Red Ribbon Week (10/28)
Editorial: Denise Juneau for Montana education (10/24)
Committee calls for removal of 'Warriors' imagery (10/24)
Jodi Rave: Montana tribes publish their histories (10/24)
Ottawa Tribe reaches free tuition agreement (10/22)
Editorial: Progress in retiring 'Fighting Sioux' (10/21)
Al Franken campaigns on three reservations (10/20)
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Northern Arapaho Tribe seeks to keep language alive (10/17)
Time: Postcard from Northern Cheyenne Reservation (10/17)
Navajo school meets NCLB goals for seventh year (10/14)
NIEA to hold annual conference in Washington (10/13)
High school on Navajo Nation locked down twice (10/10)
North Dakota won't revive 'Fighting Sioux' lawsuit (10/09)
Bailout helps troubled First Nations University (10/08)
Charter school helps Tohono O'odham succeed (10/06)
Protest against tribal flags at 'Fighting Sioux' arena (10/06)
Letter: A slap in the face over 'Fighting Sioux' (10/06)
Letter: 'Sioux' name not for sale to anyone (10/03)
Judge blocks Omaha Tribe's attempted banishment (10/02)
Opinion: Protest against 'Fighting Sioux' event (10/02)
Ho-Chunk Nation seeks to develop Indian teachers (10/01)
'Fighting Sioux' arena to display tribal flags (09/29)
Alaska Native charter school offers bus service (09/29)
Haskell University sees big boost in enrollment (09/24)
Jodi Rave: Sherman Alexie in the Classroom (09/24)
Tlingit set to rebury 10,300-year-old ancestor (09/23)
Opinion: Mascots perpetuate incorrect stereotypes (09/23)
Santa Fe Indian School free to ignore federal laws (09/22)
Column: Former 'Fighting Sioux' diehard relents (09/22)
Lummi Nation opens student residential academy (09/19)
White Earth police to provide services for school (09/18)
Testimony: Funding won't help Indian education (09/17)
Historic Delaware school in Oklahoma demolished (09/16)
Minnesota tribes to be represented at stadium (09/15)
Catawba Nation to open technology center (09/12)
Cherokee Nation partners with Oklahoma State (09/12)
Program helps Blackfeet students stay in school (09/11)
Catawba Nation backs school's 'Warrior' mascot (09/11)
House hearing focuses on NCLB in Indian Country (09/10)
Haskell signs environmental science agreement (09/10)
Santa Fe Indian School to raze more old buildings (09/10)
Ex-Navajo official not selected for school district job (09/10)
Grant to be used for Lakota-based curriculum (09/09)
Former Navajo education official lands new job (09/09)
Lummi Nation to dedicate student residential home (09/08)
Yellow Bird: Interview with new president of UND (09/08)
ICT interview with David Gipp, following DNC speech (09/03)
Blackfeet woman passes on traditional science (09/02)
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NBA coach urges end to 'Fighting Sioux' nick (08/26)
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UTTC president to speak at Democratic convention (08/22)
Report: Indian students more likely to be paddled (08/20)
Audit finds BIA schools unprepared for violence (08/19)
Indian student ACT scores lag in South Dakota (08/18)
Opinion: No movement on future of 'Sioux' nick (08/18)
More Indian students enter college in New Mexico (08/14)
Editorial: Oversight at Indian charter school (08/14)
BIA to work with tribal college on law and order (08/12)
Boarding school in Phoenix lasted 100 years (08/11)
Santa Fe Indian School still mum on demolition (08/11)
Tule River students learn boat making tradition (08/08)
Utah team told to go 'back to the reservation' (08/07)
Mashantucket museum celebrates 10 years (08/07)
Pember: The bitter legacy of Indian boarding schools (08/07)
Pember: Tribal colleges live up to their mission (08/06)
Kansas tribes seek ouster of Haskell president (08/04)
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Santa Fe Indian School demolishes buildings (07/30)
New Mexico adopts Navajo language textbook (07/30)
Tribes rush to keep languages from dying out (07/28)
Tribal schools fail to conduct fingerprint checks (07/24)
Utah officials target low Indian graduation rate (07/24)
Indian students get a taste of college experience (07/24)
Review finds background checks lacking at BIA schools (07/21)
BIA school teacher accused of molesting student (07/18)
First Nation pulls children from school in Quebec (07/18)
Barona Band awards grants through lawmakers (07/18)
White House tribal college advisers in New Mexico (07/17)
Half of Indian students in Utah drop out of high school (07/17)
Indian charter school plans reorganization (07/17)
Boy's hair length at issue for school in Texas (07/15)
Cherokee professor to develop Freedmen history (07/11)
Rosebud college to promote computer careers (07/09)
Lawsuit over 'Chief Illiniwek' logo dismissed (07/08)
Fort Belknap Reservation school to rebuild (07/02)
Indian students get help with college applications (07/01)
Funding restored to United Tribes Technical College (06/27)
South Dakota court rules in boarding school cases (06/27)
Few Indian teachers in North Dakota, Minnesota (06/25)
Troubled tribal college given another deadline (06/24)
Native woman earns associate degree at age 47 (06/23)
Leech Lake man to head university Indian center (06/19)
DNA links Alaska Natives to man found in glacier (06/18)
Fort Belknap Reservation school destroyed in fire (06/17)
BIA students compete in national poetry contest (06/17)
Massachusetts school drops 'Redmen' nickname (06/17)
Indian enrollment drops drastically in Nevada (06/17)
Letter: Indian tuition waiver not a treaty right (06/16)
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes open college (06/13)
Little Big Horn College dedicates building (06/12)
Indian student allowed eagle feathers at graduation (06/12)
Still no decision on eagle feathers at graduation (06/11)
Tule River Tribe congratulates 155 graduates (06/10)
First Nation reclaims ancestors from New York museum (06/10)
School urged to allow eagle feather at graduation (06/06)
Alaska Natives to test DNA with 10,300-year-old man (06/06)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe bars vote on 'Sioux' nickname (06/04)
Michigan lawmaker seeks to end tribal tuition waiver (06/03)
Navajo parents march on BIA school in New Mexico (05/30)
Spelling bee contestant eliminated for 'Sioux' (05/30)
Cherokee chief criticizes English-only proposals (05/29)
Kickapoo Tribe donates $10K to school district (05/27)
Reservation schools see decline in enrollment (05/26)
Oregon tribes working to preserve languages (05/23)
South Dakota study finds benefits of Indian tea (05/23)
Indian student can't wear eagle feather to graduation (05/23)
School district delays death of 'Redskins' mascot (05/22)
Navajo woman named Indian Educator of the Year (05/20)
BIA seeks charges against ex-Indian school coach (05/19)
Haskell University graduates largest class (05/12)
Indian youth attend suicide prevention workshop (05/08)
Mother and daughter graduate from Haskell University (05/08)
Pascua Yaqui school gets visit from Shaquille O'Neal (05/08)
Newberry College drops 'Indians' nickname (05/07)
Judge allows discrimination lawsuit against school (05/02)
Comanche Nation disputes professor's ancestry (05/02)
Jodi Rave: Montana Indian Educator of the Year (04/30)
Barona Band hosts Yuman language summit (04/29)
Indian student weighs three Ivy League schools (04/24)
Ohio museums field more repatriation requests (04/22)
UND sorority put on probation for 'Indian' party (04/22)
Agreement reached on Bureau of Indian Affairs school (04/22)
Navajo woman to run tribal college consortium (04/22)
Lawsuits target Bureau of Indian Education (04/21)
Jodi Rave: Groundbreaking for Indian center at UM (04/21)
Oklahoma symposium focuses on Indian science (04/18)
Jodi Rave: Groundbreaking for Native center (04/18)
University returns $2M in Indian teacher grants (04/16)
Former Indian school coach weighs legal action (04/10)
Hearing set on UND sorority's 'Indian' party (04/09)
California school district votes to drop 'Redskins' (04/09)
Indian family sues school district over bullying (04/08)
Coaching staff at Santa Fe Indian School resigns (04/08)
Blackfeet chief seeks to establish museum (04/07)
Arrival of first Americans pushed back (04/04)
Pine Ridge school receives $1M anonymous gift (04/03)
University to offer Eastern Shoshone language (04/02)
Wilma Mankiller discusses role in tribal politics (04/01)
Arrests made at troubled tribal college in California (04/01)
Indian high school opens on Tulalip Reservation (03/28)
UND probe of sorority party to last about two weeks (03/28)
Northwest colleges sign education treaty (03/26)
Interview with Linda Warner, Haskell president (03/26)
Sorority suspended for 'Indian' costume party (03/25)
Dormitory helps Indian students feel at home (03/24)
North Dakota sorority held 'Indian' costume party (03/24)
Pearl Jam guitarist visits Pine Ridge school (03/20)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe seeks return of ancestors (03/20)
Students compete for tribal college ambassador (03/19)
Native corporation rejects land swap extension (03/18)
Tribal colleges discuss climate change at conference (03/18)
California school district to weigh 'Redskins' (03/18)
Tribal colleges hold conference in North Dakota (03/17)
Study: Native people share DNA from six women (03/14)
UND poster campaign boycotted over 'Sioux' (03/13)
Farmington paper not satisfied with Navajo probe (03/13)
Probe clears Navajo Nation trip to Hawaii conference (03/13)
United Auburn in first year of first tribal school (03/13)
Cherokee medical student aims to be an oncologist (03/12)
Hopi woman named to Arizona Board of Regents (03/12)
Educator uses $125K grant to study all-Native schools (03/11)
Red Lake students market Ojibwe cookbook (03/11)
Dine College receives $5M for new library (03/06)
Prairie Band uses device to preserve Potawatomi (03/05)
Committee on 'Fighting Sioux' being formed (03/04)
Committee to examine 'Fighting Sioux' name (02/28)
Haskell University launches research center (02/28)
Cherokee Nation donates $2.8M to public schools (02/28)
University receives $1.2M for Native languages (02/26)
North Dakota tribes tired of 'Sioux' talks (02/22)
Protesters arrested at troubled tribal college (02/21)
Mohegan Tribe helps school develop mascot (02/21)
Judge reduces charges in Makah whaling case (02/20)
Editorial: Get behind Tohono O'odham college (02/20)
North Dakota board to hear about 'Sioux' talks (02/20)
Spirit Lake Nation asked to delay 'Sioux' vote (02/15)
School seeks to keep Cayuga language alive (02/15)
NIEA president delivers education address (02/12)
Oklahoma bill allows tribes to charter schools (02/12)
Oklahoma couple creates Indian scholarship (02/12)
Column: No room for racist nicknames in schools (02/12)
Northern Arapaho Tribe starts immersion school (02/06)
South Dakota panel kills Indian charter school bill (02/06)
UND postpones Standing Rock Sioux Tribe meeting (02/06)
NIEA president to deliver education address (02/06)
Pilot shows Alaska Native student improvement (02/05)
Spirit Lake Nation weighs vote on 'Sioux' nickname (02/04)
Column: Navajo youth a protector of his language (02/01)
Pine Ridge Reservation school announces expansion (01/31)
New Mexico county names roads in Tewa language (01/30)
Kumeyaay tribes seek to rebury ancient remains (01/28)
Reservation teacher arrested for child pornography (01/25)
Northern Cheyenne youth help release rare ferrets (01/25)
Bemidji State seeks Indian center director (01/23)
Indian educators cite struggles in California (01/22)
Mask returned to King Island Native Community (01/18)
Editorial: Accountability in Indian education (01/18)
North Dakota official to meet with tribes over 'Sioux' (01/17)
Haskell welcomes students for spring semester (01/16)
Standing Rock woman to lead Indian studies at USD (01/16)
Judge ponders closure of troubled trailer park (01/15)
Columbus and crew accused of spreading syphilis (01/15)
White House honors library on Hoopa Reservation (01/14)
Probe into Navajo trip to NIEA in Hawaii expands (01/14)
Former education employees in New Mexico sue BIA (01/14)
Auburn Rancheria to buy land to protect sites (01/11)
Editorial: College will help Tohono O'odham Nation (01/10)
Ute Tribe hopes for better future with new school (01/08)
Only three elders fluent in Oneida in Wisconsin (01/07)