Cherokee Nation offers online language courses (12/21)
'Fighting Sioux' not going away any time soon (12/21)
Editorial: School closure might help Ute students (12/21)
Storytelling a part of Lakota Nation Invitational (12/20)
Emory Sekaquaptewa, Hopi scholar, dies at 78 (12/20)
No Child Left Behind shuts down Ute school (12/18)
Girls' basketball team stirs Cherokee Nation pride (12/18)
Indian student discrimination settlement approved (12/13)
North Dakota board to discuss 'Fighting Sioux' (12/13)
Navajo woman plans to combat domestic violence (12/13)
Blackfeet student wins national Indian scholarship (12/12)
Oglala Lakota College unveils student dorm (12/11)
Colville Superfund case to be considered in January (12/10)
UND hockey coach supports 'Fighting Sioux' (12/06)
Smithsonian returns Sitting Bull artifacts to family (12/06)
North Dakota company prints 'No Sioux' t-shirt (12/05)
Oglala Lakota College unveils new Head Start (12/05)
Montana student hopes to advocate for Natives (12/04)
Archaeologists oppose proposed NAGPRA rule (12/04)
School for Indian Christians to sell campus, downsize (12/04)
Meeting planned with tribes over 'Fighting Sioux' (12/04)
Barona Band awards $90K in education grants (12/04)
Cherokees remember 'The Trail Where We Cried' (12/03)
Scientists oppose pro-tribal NAGPRA amendment (12/03)
'Fighting Sioux' lawsuit cost more than $5M (12/03)
'Fighting Sioux' name could see quick retirement (11/29)
Navajo Nation defends NIEA trip to Hawaii (11/29)
Boy, 9, suspended for using term 'brown people' (11/28)
Navajo Nation Head Start director selected (11/28)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe firm on nickname stance (11/28)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe meets with UND (11/27)
Oklahoma tribes help students pay for college (11/27)
DOI launches inquiry into Navajo trip to NIEA (11/27)
Oklahoma woman is last fluent speaker of Wichita (11/26)
Navajo Head Start spent $35K on NIEA trip to Hawaii (11/23)
NCAA issues statement on 'Sioux' settlement (11/20)
Bill seeks to improve Bureau of Indian Affairs schools (11/19)
Sen. Domenici seeks probe of Navajo NIEA trip (11/19)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe opposes 'Sioux' (11/15)
South Dakota students protest 'Fighting Sioux' (11/14)
Santa Fe Indian School to hold student art fest (11/14)
Michigan tribe closing college, some businesses (11/14)
Oglala Sioux man elected president of NIEA (11/14)
Some Haskell students worried about new president (11/12)
Navajos question trip to NIEA conference in Hawaii (11/12)
Native woman seeks removal of 'racist' mascots (11/08)
Standing Rock veterans continue UND visit (11/07)
Kempthorne promotes Indian education initiative (11/07)
Standing Rock group discusses 'Fighting Sioux' (11/06)
Jodi Rave: UM opens Indian research institute (11/06)
Navajo Nation sent more than 360 to NIEA in Hawaii (11/05)
UND spent $850K to defend 'Fighting Sioux' (11/02)
Editorial: Outrage over trip to NIEA convention (11/01)
Jodi Rave: Let the experts tell the Native story (11/01)
Seminole Tribe blends computers and culture (11/01)
Former teacher convicted of abuse seeks new trial (10/30)
School urged Native woman to give up custody of boy (10/30)
JOM funds paid for trips to NIEA conference in Hawaii (10/30)
Scholar maps Nisenan communities (10/26)
Goshute Tribe questions state's new stance on nuclear (10/26)
Settlement proposed in 'Fighting Sioux' case (10/26)
Chickasaw governor honored by alma mater (10/25)
Judge hearing 'Sioux' case was part of mascot group (10/25)
Editorial: Shakopee Tribe's gift benefits many (10/23)
State audit finds problems at Chief Leschi Schools (10/22)
Editorial: Don't force schools to drop Indian mascots (10/19)
Shakopee Tribe donates $12.5M to university (10/19)
Haskell to inaugurate president during homecoming (10/18)
Michigan State hosts annual Indian law conference (10/16)
Native American students seek campus welcome (10/16)
Haskell students march against Columbus Day (10/09)
University of Montana dedicates Native center (10/08)
Group says NAGPRA bill allows tribes to claim Latinos (10/05)
Students upset by Sherman Alexie's presentation (10/04)
Counter-NAGPRA legislation to be introduced again (10/04)
Judge raises bond for Navajo student in murder case (10/03)
Goodall's garden grows on Pine Ridge Reservation (10/02)
South Dakota court hears boarding school case (10/02)
BIA approves more college scholarship funds (10/02)
Senate bill revives disputed NAGPRA amendment (10/01)
Assiniboine student loses discrimination lawsuit (09/28)
Navajo students develop anti-drunk driving slogans (09/26)
Native communities vulnerable to climate change (09/25)
Alaska Native scholar wins 'genius' grant (09/25)
Editorial: Reservation students find success (09/25)
Editorial: Honor Montana's Indian heritage (09/25)
School district combats Indian absenteeism (09/24)
Mother questioned for putting fry bread in lunchbox (09/24)
Navajo student pleads not guilty to murder (09/21)
South Dakota education summit tackles racism (09/21)
Washo elders help compile online dictionary (09/21)
San Manuel Band donates stadium to school (09/20)
Paiute families settle lawsuit with school district (09/19)
Indigenous languages rapidly disappearing (09/19)
Report examines climate change and tribes (09/18)
Navajo student was accused of another theft (09/13)
Seminole man hopes to follow in grandfather's path (09/12)
University seeks more Native post-graduates (09/11)
After-school program pairs Tigua elders with youth (09/11)
Field Museum to repatriate Navajo artifacts (09/11)
Navajo Nation names interim Head Start director (09/11)
Tribal views on 'Fighting Sioux' at issue in case (09/11)
United Tribes Technical College holds powwow (09/10)
Slain Navajo student being laid to rest in New Mexico (09/10)
Navajo student charged with roommate's death (09/07)
California tribes oppose museum's NAGPRA move (09/06)
Navajo education official challenges firing (09/06)
Navajo student killed in fight with roommate (09/06)
University of Colorado fights Churchill lawsuit (09/05)
Navajo Head Start director explains resignation (09/05)
South Dakota to host Indian education summit (09/04)
Coushatta Tribe develops digital cultural center (09/04)
Boarding school film set at Haskell University (08/31)
Standing Rock veterans rescind 'Fighting Sioux' support (08/30)
Standing Rock veterans back 'Fighting Sioux' (08/28)
Navajo Nation's Head Start director to resign (08/24)
Haskell University opens classes for 123rd year (08/23)
Sparring continues in 'Fighting Sioux' lawsuit (08/23)
Column: Counting the seats at Haskell stadium (08/21)
Jodi Rave: Project integrates science and culture (08/14)
Northwest Native youth attend leadership summit (08/13)
High school to offer Onondaga language classes (08/07)
Rancher may be last fluent speaker of Mandan (08/07)
Haskell student injured in second accident (08/06)
Former Onondaga teacher convicted of two counts (08/03)
Navajo Nation school board fires superintendent (08/02)
Editorial: Scholarships help Navajo students (08/02)
Teacher upset after Onondaga student told parents (07/27)
Tribes protest UC-Berkeley's cut of NAGPRA unit (07/26)
Teacher in Onondaga school abuse case on trial (07/26)
Column: Native charter school principal resigns (07/25)
Ward Churchill vows court fight over firing from CU (07/25)
Ward Churchill expects to fired from CU today (07/24)
Native youth in New Mexico attend art camp (07/24)
Tulalip Tribes drop out of running for UW campus (07/24)
Jodi Rave: Native center at UM raises enough money (07/19)
Bacone College wants Native students to succeed (07/18)
Report warns of serious dangers at BIA schools (07/17)
Tulalip Tribes seek to improve student achievement (07/12)
Udall bus tour visits Haskell, tribal communities (07/11)
Mescalero Apache Nation limits school bus traffic (07/11)
Winnebago artist's murals to stay put at high school (07/11)
Johnson O'Malley funds keep Indian youth connected (07/10)
Prairie Island Tribe uses device to preserve Dakota (07/10)
UND spends more than $500K in 'Fighting Sioux' case (07/10)
Teacher passes on Athabascan language to villages (07/09)
Spirit Lake woman named to UND search committee (07/05)
North Dakota governor wants Indian for UND search (06/29)
Editorial: Spend spring break on a reservation (06/29)
Supreme Court bars use of race by public schools (06/29)
Crews battle blaze on Gila River Reservation (06/28)
UND search committee could include tribal member (06/28)
Judge to issue ruling on Onondaga abuse case (06/27)
Tulalip Tribes choose site for heritage center (06/25)
'Middle Ground' project trains Navajo teachers (06/22)
Blood taken from tribe in Brazil sold by scientists (06/20)
Earliest victim of New World genocide found in Peru (06/20)
Indian students settle lawsuit with school district (06/19)
Column: Racism rampant in South Dakota schools (06/18)
Column: Cheyenne youth attend basketball camp (06/15)
Tribes left out of UND president search committee (06/15)
Scientists cite new explanation for mammoth death (06/11)
Flood hits Northern Cheyenne elementary school (06/07)
Meskwaki Tribe plans $21M expansion of school (06/07)
Supreme Court won't rehear Indian Impact Aid case (06/06)
Polynesians came to South America, research claims (06/05)
Onondaga Nation accused of tainting abuse probe (06/05)
UND spent $430K to defend 'Fighting Sioux' nick (06/05)
Idaho appoints Indian education coordinator (06/05)
Sen. Tester unveils tribal college initiative (06/04)
School Lesson: Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Tribe (05/30)
Tom Dowd resigns from BIA education post (05/30)
University president seeks firing of Churchill (05/29)
Maine tuition program open to all Native Americans (05/29)
Bill protecting Indian mascots passes in Tennessee (05/25)
Rolo: Tribal colleges turn out entrepreneurs (05/24)
Meskwaki Tribe graduates first high school class (05/22)
Haskell University starts summer session (05/22)
Principal on reservation fired after strip search (05/21)
Jodi Rave: Sam Deloria preps new generation (05/21)
First Indian principal for Rapid City high school (05/21)
Institute of American Indian Arts names president (05/18)
Indian children being left behind on education (05/17)
Pember: A mandate for Indian education in Montana (05/17)
Jodi Rave: Basketball standout graduates from UM (05/14)
Lakota graduate told to remove eagle feather (05/11)
Haskell student graduates with perfect record (05/11)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe's Head Start to reopen (05/11)
North Dakota tribal college funding bill signed (05/11)
Sen. Dorgan calls for Impact Aid funding (05/10)
Indian charter school president defends remarks (05/09)
Jodi Rave: Native language programs struggle (05/08)
UTTC's small business program graduates 13 this year (05/03)
Indian student makes finals in poetry competition (05/03)
Lawmakers seek funds for Indian education programs (05/02)
Parents question handling of Onondaga abuse case (05/01)
Pember: Navajo woman leads Washington college (04/30)
Indian student in trouble for Myspace photos (04/27)
Editorial: Tribal colleges deserve state support (04/27)
Indian parents protest closure of alternative school (04/24)
Program aims to keep Indian students in school (04/23)
Editorial: Racial tensions still exist in South Dakota (04/23)
Jodi Rave: More Natives needed in journalism (04/20)
Author rejects honorary degree from 'Fighting Sioux' (04/20)
Supreme Court rules on Indian Impact Aid case (04/19)
LaDuke helps kick off Time-Out Week at UND (04/17)
Tule River Tribe hosts first student spelling bee (04/17)
Two tribal colleges left behind by President Bush (04/16)
School in Mexico takes the Indian out of girls (04/16)
Jodi Rave: Native language preservation efforts (04/16)
Haskell University welcomes new president (04/13)
Scientists find link between dinosaurs and chickens (04/13)
New Haskell president getting to know campus (04/12)
Crow student wins Morris K. Udall scholarship (04/12)
Senate committee hearing on tribal colleges (04/12)
Belcourt to receive honorary doctorate from UM (04/11)
Jodi Rave: Doctrine of Discovery and Indians (04/11)
Opening of Alaska Native charter school delayed (04/10)
University of Central Oklahoma hosts powwow (04/10)
Pember: Native basketball tourney certified by NCAA (04/10)
Menominee Nation College brings hope to tribe (04/09)
Jodi Rave: Tribal colleges press for federal funds (04/06)
Margaret Sayers, Ojibwe instructor, dies at 89 (04/04)
Pember: Money and influence behind Indian mascots (04/04)
Report promotes benefits of higher education (04/03)
Field Museum in Chicago erects Tlingit totem pole (04/03)
Ute law student to receive honorary diploma (04/02)
Yellow Bird: UND powwow needs your support (04/02)
Fort Lewis College hosts Native culture celebration (03/29)
Indian parents hope to save alternative school (03/29)
Umatilla woman honored by Washington college (03/29)
Teacher at Onondaga accused of abusing students (03/29)
Navajo Head Start in Shiprock ready to reopen (03/27)
Yellow Bird: UTTC begs for funding year after year (03/26)
Alaska Native education programs face Bush cut (03/22)
Transfer agreement helps tribal college graduates (03/22)
Zuni teen headed to Poetry Out Loud competition (03/19)
Bill to shield Indian mascots from NCAA reintroduced (03/16)
Michigan school district's Indian program cut (03/15)
tate won't probe 'Chief Illiniwek' decision (03/15)
Chitimacha Tribe's school exceeds expectations (03/15)
It's Official: School retires 'Chief Illiniwek' (03/14)
Indian tuition waiver program at issue in Michigan (03/14)
Oklahoma tribes oppose English-only legislation (03/14)
New Haskell president sets agenda for first 90 days (03/13)
Board to vote on 'Chief Illiniwek' resolution (03/13)
Editorial: Indian education office a positive step (03/13)
War Mothers Memorial at Haskell suffers damage (03/12)
Comanche woman selected as new president of Haskell (03/09)
Navajo Nation Head Start faces another suspension (03/09)
Fort Peck school superintendent fired (03/08)
Public school in Massachusetts drops 'Redmen' nick (03/06)
Ute Mountain Ute puts priority on higher education (03/06)
North Dakota tribal colleges discuss funding bill (03/06)
Chilocco celebrates listing on historic register (03/06)
Utah bill to protect remains on private land passes (03/02)
Virginia tribes want to share Pocahontas story (03/01)
Indian students improve attendance, test scores (02/28)
South Dakota panel backs Indian education office (02/28)
Bill opens scholarships to tribal college students (02/28)
O'odham man named to state board of education (02/28)
Tribal member rose through ranks to head museum (02/27)
First Indian nominated to state university board (02/27)
Editorial: Time for all teams to drop Indian mascots (02/27)
Cherokee Nation to donate $2.7M to area schools (02/27)
Pember: 'Chief Illiniwek' tradition finally dies (02/26)
Scientists change minds yet again on Native people (02/26)
Michigan tribe works to preserve Ojibwe (02/26)
Harjo: Nothing honorable about 'Chief Illiniwek' (02/23)
Indian student's wrist broken during police scuffle (02/23)
Column: Not all Native people honored by mascots (02/22)
Column: Mascots disempower Native Americans (02/22)
Novak: 'Chief Illiniwek' honored Native people (02/22)
Tulalip boys basketball team heads to state finals (02/21)
Opinions: 'Chief Illiniwek' going out like Custer (02/21)
Column: The only good Indian is an honored Indian (02/21)
United Tribes board elects Spirit Lake chairwoman (02/20)
Oglala Sioux Tribe welcomes end of 'Chief' mascot (02/19)
New president named at First Nations University (02/19)
Tohono O'odham student a star on and off the court (02/19)
University retires 'Chief Illiniwek' performances (02/16)
American Indian College Fund receives $17.5M grant (02/16)
Native use of chili peppers dates back 6,100 years (02/16)
Study links DNA of Native and Siberian populations (02/14)
Pember: Native students graduate to prison (02/13)
Oneida Nation brings technology to tradition (02/12)
Museum to repatriate bones to Miccosukee Tribe (02/09)
Fire Thunder to present lecture at South Dakota college (02/08)
Bush budget cuts health, education and housing (02/08)
Jodi Rave: Montana panel cuts Indian education budget (02/07)
North Dakota tribal college bill moving forward (02/06)
Voice of America: White guy plays Indian in Illinois (02/06)
Harvard forum on federal-tribal relationship online (02/05)
Haskell University develops women's health program (02/02)
Opponents of 'Chief Illiniwek' rally on campus (02/02)
North Dakota tribal college funding bill endorsed (02/02)
Navajo Preparatory School unveils $3.2M gym (02/01)
Canada says $1.9B abuse payout won't be held up (02/01)
Kickapoo chairman criticizes 'Official English' bill (02/01)
Arizona bill seeks more reservation teachers (01/31)
BIA set to choose new Haskell University president (01/31)
BIA school evacuated following threat of violence (01/31)
Navajo Nation launches Internet to the Hogan (01/31)
Chickasaw Nation tackles youth substance abuse (01/30)
Northern Cheyenne students clown around in class (01/30)
Oneida Nation students back to school after closure (01/30)
No charges over threat to Indian student in Illinois (01/30)
Major project to translate Bible into Cheyenne (01/26)
Santa Ysabel Band partners with Cal State (01/25)
Oneida Nation closes high school for the week (01/24)
Editorial: It's time to put 'Chief Illiniwek' to rest (01/24)
North Dakota tribal colleges seek state funds (01/24)
Tribal member leaves North Dakota higher ed board (01/24)
Ethnic Fraud: Box-checkers in higher education (01/23)
School says 'Chief Illiniwek' headdress was returned (01/22)
North Dakota tribal colleges seek state funding (01/19)
Jodi Rave: Native youth get turned onto reading (01/19)
Oglala Sioux Tribe denounces 'Chief Illiniwek' (01/19)
Navajo Nation slowly reopening Boys & Girls Clubs (01/19)
Tribe seeks removal of indicted school board members (01/18)
Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks return of 'Chief' regalia (01/18)
Yakama Nation works on Boys and Girls Club (01/17)
Indian education challenges in South Dakota (01/17)
Native students threatened over 'Chief Illiniwek' (01/17)
Jodi Rave: Think tank aims to help Native students (01/16)
Indian mascots in Montana ruled discriminatory (01/15)
State, tribes urged to cooperate on education (01/12)
Site near Leech Lake Reservation oldest in US (01/12)
Indian students in Montana have high dropout rates (01/10)
Tribal colleges find ways to help students succeed (01/05)
Elders mentor Indian students in Rapid City school (01/04)
BIA teacher accused of sexual assault on minor (01/03)