Native Sun News: Great Plains tribal leaders host symposium (12/21)
Bill Lomax: Supreme Court decision hurts tribal economies (12/15)
House backs bill to allow Tigua Tribe to define membership (12/13)
United Auburn Indian Community sees big turnout for vote (12/13)
Hopi Tribe strips chairman of certain duties during absence (12/12)
Rival factions from Little Shell Chippewa Tribe present case (12/12)
United Auburn Indian Community votes for council election (12/12)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves bills at meeting (12/09)
Southern Ute Tribe headed back to polls to decide on leaders (12/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider bills at meeting (12/07)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearing on tax policy (12/07)
White House Blog: Obama meets tribal leaders at White House (12/06)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearing on taxation (12/05)
Turtle Talk: Grading the Obama administration on Indian issues (12/05)
Ron Volesky pleads guilty to charge under new elder abuse law (12/05)
White House press release on Tribal Nations Conference (12/02)
Oklahoma governor fails to name new Native American liaison (12/02)
White House delivers report for 2011 Tribal Nations Conference (12/02)
President Obama hosts White House Tribal Nations Conference (12/02)
Former Crow Creek Sioux chairman sentenced to three years (12/01)
Big Valley Rancheria gets outside help with general election (12/01)
Suspended Ute Tribe council member denies pushing a recall (11/30)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on deficit, jobs (11/30)
United Auburn Indian Community due to hold council election (11/30)
Sen. Murkowski requests probe into Alaska Native abuse case (11/29)
Q&A with Secretary Salazar: Tribal issues among top priorities (11/29)
Charles Trimble: Stop treating Indian students like the victims (11/29)
Rep. Barney Frank due to retire from Congress after 16 terms (11/28)
Tentative schedule for White House Tribal Nations Conference (11/23)
No case against political figure for abuse of Alaska Native girl (11/22)
House committee passes bill to speed Indian housing process (11/22)
Westword: Ute tribes back ouster of Navajo woman from post (11/21)
United Auburn Indian Community takes action against critics (11/21)
Native Sun News: ICWA cases a big concern in South Dakota (11/18)
Seneca Nation leaders resolve battle over status of president (11/18)
Circle of Blue: Navajo Nation moving close to water settlement (11/17)
KUNC: Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs looks for new hire (11/17)
House Natural Resources Committee markup on 3 Indian bills (11/17)
In The Loop: Rep. Young sports odd headgear at House hearing (11/17)
Kansas governor apologizes for state's mistreatment of tribes (11/17)
Nevada governor appoints Ted Quasula, Hualapai, to Cabinet (11/16)
Lumbee Tribe reports results of chairman and council election (11/16)
Chairwoman and council member of Ute Tribe face recall bids (11/16)
Native Sun News: Indian Country cheers delay on Keystone XL (11/16)
Sen. Akaka and Rep. Cole: Action needed on land-into-trust fix (11/16)
Westword: Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs meets up (11/15)
MinnPost: Indian attorney wins endorsement for state seat (11/15)
Seneca Nation leaders in discussions for status of president (11/15)
Ousted Pala Band members lobby for Congressional action (11/14)
Supreme Court agrees to hear challenges to health reform (11/14)
United Auburn Indian Community rejects petition for recall (11/14)
Seneca Nation leader disputes removal from executive job (11/14)
Obama administration delays action on Keystone XL Pipeline (11/11)
DOJ backs tribal court jurisdiction in domestic violence cases (11/11)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe opposes Keystone talks (11/10)
United Keetoowah treasurer returned land-into-trust bonus (11/10)
Southern Ute Tribe reports results of chair, council election (11/09)
Mescalero Apache Nation president loses bid for re-election (11/09)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe reports results of council election (11/09)
Governor will sign bill to eliminate 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (11/09)
Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs terminates secretary (11/09)
George Tiger wins election as new chief of Muscogee Nation (11/09)
Native Sun News: New map divides Indian vote in Rapid City (11/08)
Senate committee to hold hearing on economic development (11/08)
State Department inspector general investigates Keystone XL (11/08)
United Keetoowah council given bonuses over land-into-trust (11/08)
Cherokee Nation chief mindful of funding in Freedmen dispute (11/08)
Recall for Colorado River Indian Tribes council member falters (11/08)
Seneca Nation president seeks resignation of council member (11/08)
Council at United Auburn Indian Community faces recall effort (11/08)
Members of Tuscarora Nation still wonder about power deal (11/07)
Witnesses: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on bills (11/07)
San Manuel Band spent $1M on private party for politicians (11/07)
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation chooses two for council (11/07)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee hears bills (11/04)
Native Sun News: Lakota leaders rally against Keystone XL (11/04)
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes rally for stronger child abuse law (11/03)
Robinson Rancheria chairwoman due to enter plea in theft (11/03)
Jefferson Keel, Chickasaw, re-elected as president of NCAI (11/03)
House rejects bid to protect Apache sacred sites from swap (11/03)
Native Sun News: South Dakota man challenges abuse law (11/03)
California tribes report over $1.2M in political contributions (11/03)
Truthout: Indigenous people taking on Keystone XL Pipeline (11/02)
Colorado River Indian Tribes set for recall of council member (11/02)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee sets hearing (11/02)
DOI official reaffirms support for fix to land-into-trust ruling (11/02)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearing on bills (11/01)
Fort Peck Tribes to swear in chairman, council members (11/01)
Cherokee Nation to inaugurate new leader this Sunday (11/01)
SAVE Native Women Act aimed at Indian Country violence (11/01)
Stephanie Woodard: Yankton Sioux victims want justice (10/31)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee events at NCAI meeting (10/31)
Column: Tribal leaders gather for NCAI annual convention (10/31)
Cherokee Nation regains access to $40M in housing funds (10/28)
Native Vote on agenda at NCAI annual meeting next week (10/28)
Mashantucket Pequot vice chairman drops re-election bid (10/28)
House passes bill for land swap opposed by Arizona tribes (10/27)
House backs Alaska Native corporation land swap, project (10/25)
Politician apologizes for remarks about Native 'handouts' (10/25)
Politician removes video that mentioned 'talking Eskimo' (10/25)
Southern Ute Tribe headed to polls to choose new leaders (10/25)
Former leader of Tonkawa Tribe pleads not guilty for theft (10/25)
Obama announces White House Tribal Nations Conference (10/24)
Mark Trahant: Separate and unequal care in Indian Country (10/24)
Column: South Dakota ballots no longer offered in Lakota (10/24)
BIA welcomes resolution of Cherokee Nation chief election (10/21)
Bill John Baker sworn in as new leader of Cherokee Nation (10/20)
Salon: Secretary Clinton and Keystone XL Pipeline scandal (10/20)
Menominee Nation restores hunting rights to descendants (10/19)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee's hearing (10/19)
Cherokee Nation Supreme Court weighs appeal in election (10/19)
APRN: Sealaska's board chairman lobbies the White House (10/18)
Ousted Cherokee Nation leader files appeal over election (10/18)
Poarch Creeks one of top donors to Republican committee (10/18)
Chickasaw man on track to serve as Oklahoma House speaker (10/17)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee upcoming hearings, events (10/17)
Sen. Tester statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Turtle Talk: Land-into-trust debate ignores elephant in room (10/17)
Spirit Lake group warns of consequences over 'Fighting Sioux' (10/14)
Tribes lobby lawmakers on high-priority issues in Washington (10/14)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee addresses land-into-trust fix (10/14)
Audio: SCIA hearing on crisis created by land-into-trust ruling (10/13)
Redding Rancheria announces result of tribal council election (10/13)
Bill John Baker certified as winner of Cherokee Nation election (10/13)
Crow Tribe reports results of primary for six legislative seats (10/12)
Pala Band to continue battle against landfill near sacred site (10/12)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe releases results of primary election (10/12)
Bill John Baker set to become new leader of Cherokee Nation (10/12)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on fix for land-into-trust 'crisis' (10/11)
Tribal leaders in Washington DC for Tribal Unity Impact Week (10/11)
Cherokee Nation without HUD funds amid Freedmen dispute (10/11)
GOP Rick Perry's great-great-great grandfather was Choctaw (10/10)
Cherokee Nation begins counting of ballots for principal chief (10/10)
Cherokee Nation anticipates results of election by Wednesday (10/07)
Blog: Nez Perce Tribe wants to negotiate agreement for salmon (10/07)
Mescalero Apache Nation announces results of primary election (10/07)
House Natural Resources Committee approves five Indian bills (10/06)
Grand Traverse Band questioned for tribal government layoffs (10/06)
Cherokee Nation seeing increase in turnout for second election (10/05)
Bill Anoatubby leads Chickasaw Nation for a record 7th term (10/05)
Mohegan Tribe holds swearing-in ceremony for council seats (10/05)
Pechanga Band donates $15K to committee of key lawmaker (10/05)
Phyliss Anderson inaugurated as new Mississippi Choctaw chief (10/05)
Sen. Reed doesn't want land-into-trust fix in appropriations bill (10/05)
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation schedules council election (10/04)
Rick Perry under fire for racist name for family hunting camp (10/03)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearing this Thursday (10/03)
Derek Bailey, Grand Traverse Band chair, to run for Congress (09/30)
Employee of Quechan Nation due in court on weapons charges (09/29)
New Yankton Sioux chair asks cousin not to come to ceremony (09/29)
Eastern Cherokees to hold inauguration ceremony on October 3 (09/28)
Cherokee Nation extends balloting in ongoing Freedmen dispute (09/28)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearings in October (09/27)
Hand recount confirms result of tight Little Traverse council race (09/27)
Southern Ute Tribe schedules election for chair and council seats (09/27)
Cherokee Nation faces contempt order in Freedmen vote dispute (09/27)
Fawn Sharp, Quinault, is first woman elected ATNI president (09/26)
Cherokee Nation sees increase in turnout for second election (09/26)
Native Sun News: Complaint filed on new Oglala Sioux treasurer (09/26)
Results of Cherokee Nation principal chief vote due October 10 (09/23)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on TLOA (09/22)
Judge approves order for Freedmen vote in Cherokee election (09/22)
Crosscut: Quileute Tribe asks for land to escape tsunami threat (09/22)
Phyliss Anderson prepares for Mississippi Choctaw inauguration (09/22)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order Act (09/21)
Former top aide to Secretary Salazar joins law firm defending BP (09/21)
Native Sun News: Not so fast--Yankton Sioux chair stays in office (09/21)
Cherokee Nation allows Freedmen to vote in Saturday's election (09/21)
California governor creates special advisor post on Indian issues (09/20)
George Tiger and Mike Flud advance in Muscogee chief election (09/20)
Federal judge to hear arguments in Cherokee Freedmen lawsuit (09/20)
NPR: Cherokee Nation facing scrutiny for removing the Freedmen (09/20)
Clint Halftown appealing BIA ruling on Cayuga Nation leadership (09/19)
Cousins claim to be the rightful chairman of Yankton Sioux Tribe (09/19)
Blog: Rush Limbaugh offers take on Cherokee Freedmen dispute (09/16)
Cherokee Nation starts sending provisional ballots to Freedmen (09/16)
NYT Blog: Quileute Tribe lobbies Congress over land transfer bill (09/16)
BIA reviewing inventory for Indian Reservation Roads program (09/16)
NYT: Tribal rights vs. racial justice in Cherokee Freedmen battle (09/16)
House subcommittee holds hearing on Quileute Tribe land bill (09/15)
Cherokee Nation to allow Freedmen to cast provisional ballots (09/15)
BIA tells Robinson Rancheria chairwoman to hold new election (09/15)
Obama nominates Brad Carson, Cherokee, to Army legal post (09/15)
South Dakota committee approves Indian voting district maps (09/14)
Native Sun News: Leader of Yankton Sioux Tribe lists priorities (09/14)
Acting Cherokee Nation leader vows to protect tribe's interests (09/14)
New Mississippi Choctaw chief to be inaugurated on October 4 (09/14)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs sets hearing (09/13)
Robert Redford: Keystone XL pipeline threatens US heartland (09/13)
Witness list for SCIA oversight hearing on tribal transportation (09/13)
Robinson Rancheria chair accused of theft from another tribe (09/13)
BIA warns Cherokee Nation about disenrollment of Freedmen (09/13)
Yakama Nation hosts meeting on Public Law 280 bill in state (09/12)
Tuscarora Nation paid $12.5M from deal with power authority (09/12)
Muscogee Nation voters headed to polls for primary election (09/12)
Lawmakers want HUD to restore funding to Cherokee Nation (09/12)
BIA recognizes temporary leadership of Winnemucca Colony (09/09)
Incoming Mississippi Choctaw chief looks for financial stability (09/08)
HUD won't release funds to Cherokee Nation in Freedmen flap (09/08)
Leech Lake Band seeks land deal to get rid of bad $2.5M loan (09/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee roundtable and two hearings (09/07)
Phyliss J. Anderson wins election as Mississippi Choctaw chief (09/07)
Judge sets hearing on Freedmen motion for Cherokee election (09/06)
Mississippi Choctaws headed to polls for another chief election (09/05)
KPBS: Tribes in California lobby lawmakers to protect sacred sites (09/05)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to talk housing, infrastructure (09/02)
Michell Hicks wins election as Eastern Cherokee principal chief (09/02)
Mississippi Choctaws head into final stretch of chief campaign (09/01)
Eastern Cherokees head to the polls to elect chief and council (09/01)
Freedmen eye lawsuit in federal court over Cherokee election (08/30)
SCPR: Company wants delay on quarry mine near sacred site (08/29)
Freedmen seek appeal for loss of Cherokee Nation citizenship (08/29)
Sen. Akaka touts self-determination at Native Hawaiian meet (08/26)
Ousted Snoqualmie council members in limbo despite court win (08/25)
New chairman takes over Little Traverse Bay Bands after recall (08/24)
City supports Pechanga Band in bill to ban mine near sacred site (08/24)
Cherokee Freedmen lose right to vote in upcoming chief election (08/24)
New Mexico governor to meet with tribal leaders at first summit (08/24)
BIA no longer recognizes Clint Halftown as Cayuga Nation leader (08/23)
Bill barring quarry mine near Pechanga sacred site gets hearing (08/23)
Zuni Pueblo puts leader on leave following drunken driving arrest (08/22)
Navajo woman chairing board of supervisors in Arizona county (08/18)
Blackfeet Nation chooses T.J. Show as new chairman of council (08/18)
Chickasaw Nation leaders to get big pay raises under new plan (08/18)
New York governor wants to 'work' with Seneca Nation on issues (08/17)
Judge dismisses lawsuit over Cheyenne-Arapaho leadership feud (08/16)
Critenden sworn in as interim principal chief of Cherokee Nation (08/15)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux Tribe survives a confusing vote (08/15)
Willie Sharp steps down from chairman's post of Blackfeet Nation (08/15)
Ed Delgado outlines agenda as new chairman of Oneida Nation (08/12)
Deputy chief of Cherokee Nation sets agenda as interim leader (08/12)
Wilfred Keeble named as interim chair of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe (08/12)
Navajo woman chosen as vice chair of New Mexico commission (08/12)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules two events in Hawaii (08/12)
South Dakota redistricting committee visiting two reservations (08/11)
Cherokee Nation to inaugurate Joe Crittenden as deputy chief (08/10)
Jeffrey Whalen: Corruption running rampant in Oglala Sioux Tribe (08/10)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee looks at Indian youth suicide (08/10)
Chair of Little Traverse Bay Bands recalled as vice chair spared (08/09)
Bearspaw Band goes to the polls to elect a new chief and council (08/09)
NCPR: Seneca Nation president aims to diversify tribal economy (08/09)
Witnesses: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing in Montana (08/08)
Pechanga Band pushes bill to stop quarry mine near sacred site (08/05)
Former chairman of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe convicted of bribery (08/05)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on probate (08/04)
Sen. Coburn proposing a wide range of cuts to Indian programs (08/04)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets field hearing in Montana (08/04)
Native Sun News: Attorney General Holder meets tribal leaders (08/04)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee probate hearing (08/03)
Republican amendment could bar land-into-trust applications (08/03)
Appropriations bill allows use of BIA funds for charter schools (08/02)
Navajo attorney seeks Democratic nod for Congressional seat (08/02)
Seneca Nation asks Obama to intervene in state highway fight (08/02)
Pawnee man named Native American liaison by Kansas governor (08/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearing on probate (08/01)
Cherokee Nation schedules September 24 vote for principal chief (08/01)
President Obama statement on year of Tribal Law and Order Act (08/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee adds land-into-trust fix to bill (07/29)
Remarks by Attorney General Holder at Pine Ridge Reservation (07/28)
Group seeks field hearing on Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bid (07/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux court declines to halt election (07/28)
Sault Tribe board moves to appoint a new chairman next month (07/28)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation donates $300K to new 'unity' center (07/28)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting on Thursday (07/27)
Cherokee Nation election commission delays action on new vote (07/27)
WPR: Proposal seeks to combat violence against Indian women (07/26)
Cherokee Nation to consider election laws after disputed vote (07/26)
Attorney General Eric Holder heading to Pine Ridge Reservation (07/25)
Joe Crittenden wins election as deputy chief of Cherokee Nation (07/25)
Mississippi Choctaw council won't reverse order for new election (07/22)
In The Loop: BIA cuts down contingent for 'pricey' consultation (07/22)
Rep. Kildee announces retirement after over 30 years of service (07/22)
Audio: Conference call on bill to combat violence against women (07/21)
Cherokee Nation plans to build $140M hydroelectric power plant (07/21)
Council of Snoqualmie Tribe considers removing hereditary chief (07/21)
Supreme Court of Cherokee Nation orders new election for chief (07/21)
Obama administration plans bill to fight violence against women (07/21)
Cherokee Nation Supreme Court to decide fate of disputed vote (07/20)
Witnesses: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on disasters (07/20)
House Natural Resources Committee approves three Indian bills (07/20)
Leech Lake Band election for secretary-treasurer tied up in court (07/20)
Opinion: Indian candidates need not apply to the federal judiciary (07/20)
Native Sun News: One-time rivals share concerns on Indian issues (07/19)
Native American Contractors Association hosting leaders summit (07/18)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee roundtable and hearing this week (07/18)
Mark Trahant: Some summer reading about federal Indian policies (07/18)
Ed Delgado wins election as chair of Oneida Nation of Wisconsin (07/18)
Recount gives Chad Smith the edge in Cherokee Nation election (07/18)
In The Loop: Tribal leaders head to Maine for 'pricey' consultation (07/15)
Two candidates seeking chairman's position for Oneida Nation (07/14)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Native women (07/14)
Chairman of Crow Tribe refutes allegations of mismanagement (07/14)
House committee supports Alaska Native corporation land bill (07/14)
New Mexico targets tobacco sales by Indian Affairs secretary (07/14)
Cherokee Nation's top court orders hand recount of all ballots (07/13)
Supreme Court decision impacts land-into-trust process at BIA (07/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting and hearing (07/13)
New Mexico Indian Affairs secretary accused of breaking law (07/12)
Audio from House subcommittee hearing on land-into-trust fix (07/12)
Witness List: House subcommittee hearing on land-into-trust (07/11)
House Appropriations Committee to mark up BIA, IHS budget (07/11)
Mississippi Choctaw council orders new election for chief's post (07/11)
Michele Bachmann handled tax case against Leech Lake man (07/11)
Native Sun News: Indian votes send Rapid City mayor into office (07/08)
Eastern Cherokees narrow the field for chief and vice chief posts (07/08)
Members of Cayuga Nation push BIA to recognize new leadership (07/07)
Column: Judge rules against Seminole Tribe in mobile home fight (07/07)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux judge rules in election challenge (07/07)
First woman to lead Mississippi Choctaws wants to be called chief (07/07)
Cherokee Nation election chairman resigns amid dispute on vote (07/06)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee upcoming hearings and events (07/06)
Hoopa Valley chairman pushes tribal paper to address concerns (07/06)
Mississippi Choctaws elect Phyliss Anderson as first woman chief (07/06)
Subcommittee to hold hearing on land-into-trust fix on July 12 (07/05)
Chief of Catawba Nation drops re-election bid and endorses rival (07/01)
Bill John Baker 'certified' as winner of Cherokee Nation chief race (07/01)
Cherokee Nation expected to start recount for close chief's race (06/30)
Oregon approves bill to allow tribal officers to enforce state law (06/30)
Cherokee Nation candidate seeks answers about election tally (06/29)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Native CLASS Act (06/29)
White House announces new section for Indian Country issues (06/28)
Tuscarora Nation members upset over 'secret' council meeting (06/28)
Recount confirms results of Little Traverse Bay Bands election (06/28)
Cherokee Nation says Chad Smith won chief's race by 7 votes (06/28)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Native CLASS Act (06/27)
Tribes press for fix to land-into-trust ruling at nation's capitol (06/27)
Cherokee Nation elects new leader by slim margin of 11 votes (06/27)
Candidates for leader of Cherokee Nation raise nearly $417K (06/24)
Tigua Tribe lobbies Congress to return its membership rights (06/24)
DOI concerned about coal swap for Northern Cheyenne Tribe (06/24)
Rep. Noem introduces bill to shield tribes from NLRB decisions (06/24)
Oklahoma lawmaker loses Indian voters as district is redrawn (06/23)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe offers testimony for redistricting meeting (06/23)
Leaders of Snoqualmie Tribe won't recognize council meeting (06/23)
Navajo Nation woman named to Utah Indian Affairs position (06/22)
Witness List: House hearing on Northern Cheyenne, Tigua bills (06/22)
BIA concerned after Sauk-Suiattle Tribe fires 11 non-Indians (06/22)
BIA and FBI meeting with police chief for Sauk-Suiattle Tribe (06/21)
Cherokee Nation headed to polls on Saturday to choose chief (06/21)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting Thursday (06/21)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on IRA (06/21)
Sauk-Suiattle Tribe fires 11 of its 64 governmental employees (06/17)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearing on NAGPRA (06/17)
Mississippi Choctaw chief and top rival head to run-off in July (06/16)
Subcommittee sets hearing on Northern Cheyenne, Tigua bills (06/16)
Lumbee Tribe holds ceremony for first 'Miss Chief' in history (06/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to host roundtable on water (06/15)
Figure in Abramoff scandal maintains influence among GOP (06/15)
Cherokee Nation releases plane logs but costs not reported (06/15)
Board of Sault Tribe appoints Lana Causley as interim chair (06/15)
Jim Billie looks to avoid 'pitfalls' as Seminole Tribe chairman (06/15)
Native Sun News: LaPlante seeks to be Indian Country's voice (06/15)
Witnesses: Senate Indian Affairs Committee NAGPRA hearing (06/14)
Gasoline tax on Yakama Nation generates more controversy (06/14)
Snoqualmie Tribe hires genealogist to audit membership roll (06/14)
Ex-Seneca Nation legislative specialist calls leader 'dictator' (06/14)
Leader of Chickasaw Nation to serve seventh term in office (06/13)
Ken Salazar not sure about staying on as Interior Secretary (06/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 75 years of IRA (06/13)
South Dakota redistricting committee to head to reservations (06/09)
Navajo Nation official to discuss sacred sites at SCIA hearing (06/09)
County joins investigation in Hoopa Valley drive-by shooting (06/09)
Former chairman of Chitimacha Tribe told he can't run again (06/09)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on indigenous rights declaration (06/09)
Chippewa Cree Tribe to hold election to elect new chairman (06/08)
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes leadership dispute continues (06/08)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe chooses another chief for its council (06/08)
Brad Carson, Cherokee, to make bid to return to Congress (06/07)
Yurok Tribe developing legislation for federal land transfer (06/07)
Tribes to rally in Washington for fix to land-into-trust ruling (06/07)
Ron Volesky aims to be first Indian on state Supreme Court (06/07)
Candidates for chief of Cherokee Nation debate the issues (06/07)
Congressman who sponsored PACT Act admits lewd photo (06/07)
Ollanta Humala narrowly wins presidential election in Peru (06/07)
Leslie Standing wins re-election as Wichita Tribe president (06/06)
Quechan Nation elects first new president in over 16 years (06/06)
Hoopa Valley Tribe ties shooting to council member's vote (06/06)
BIA asked to intervene in Cayuga Nation leadership battle (06/03)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee plans hearing on NAGPRA (06/02)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to take up UN declaration (06/02)
Leaders of Little Traverse Bay Bands face another recall vote (06/02)
Lumbee Tribe holds inauguration ceremony for interim chair (06/02)
Former Poarch Creek chairman making another council bid (06/01)
Seneca Nation leader discusses tobacco tax at UN forum (05/27)
Secretary of Tribal Relations calls for more open dealings (05/27)
APRN: House hearing for Alaska Native bill stirs passions (05/27)
APRN: Hearings start on Alaska Native corporation land bill (05/26)
Sault Tribe won't hold special election to replace chairman (05/26)
Tribal leaders worried about future of Navajo Nation plant (05/25)
Chairman of Chippewa Cree Tribe pleads guilty to stealing (05/25)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on Native language education (05/24)
South Dakota governor plans meetings with tribal leaders (05/24)
Coushatta Tribe opens early voting for its council election (05/24)
Nebraska lawmakers approve tribal tobacco compact bill (05/24)
Witness list for House hearing on Navajo Nation coal plant (05/23)
Bill for Indian affairs post in Oklahoma passes in nine days (05/23)
San Manuel chair and rival seek police union endorsement (05/23)
Senate Energy Committee to hold hearing on Sealaska bill (05/23)
Five candidates in running for Eastern Band principal chief (05/23)
Yakama Nation to meet with state over gasoline tax issues (05/20)
Subcommittee schedules hearing on Alaska Native land bill (05/19)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on languages (05/19)
Oklahoma House puts an end to Indian Affairs Commission (05/19)
Lawmakers hear bill affecting Oneida Nation liquor license (05/19)
Aquinnah Wampanaog Tribe aims for better town relations (05/19)
Utah fields 10 candidates for vacant Indian Affairs position (05/19)
Mississippi Choctaws hold special election for council seat (05/19)
$40M bond package for Oklahoma Indian museum is dead (05/18)
Lumbee Tribe to hold special election for a new chairman (05/18)
BIA bars appeal from disputed Cheyenne-Arapaho leader (05/17)
Kim Teehee at UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (05/17)
$40M bond package for Oklahoma Indian museum revised (05/17)
Sen. Kyl seeks lower cost for tribal water rights settlement (05/17)
Choctaw Nation to hold election for chief, council on July 9 (05/17)
Tuscarora Nation leadership dispute goes back decades (05/16)
House Natural Resources hearing for Navajo power plant (05/16)
Controversy over $40M bond package for Indian museum (05/13)
Navajo Nation names new director for Washington office (05/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hosts a listening session (05/13)
Coushatta Tribe heads to polls to elect council members (05/13)
Former Aquinnah Wampanaog chairwoman wins town seat (05/12)
Darwin McCoy unexpectedly resigns from chair of Soo Tribe (05/11)
Jim Billie reclaims leadership of Seminole Tribe after ouster (05/10)
Chief Allan reappointed as chairman of Coeur d'Alene Tribe (05/10)
San Manuel chairman announces campaign for county seat (05/10)
2nd Circuit lifts injunction in New York tribal tobacco dispute (05/09)
Mark Trahant: Tribes should prepare for the worst on budgets (05/09)
Pawnee Nation posts unofficial results from council election (05/09)
Democracy Now: LaDuke on militarization of Indian Country (05/06)
Harlyn Geronimo statement for Senate Indian Affairs hearing (05/06)
Seneca Nation leader to lobbyist: 'Why don't you like Indians' (05/06)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation elects Roger Yankton as chairman (05/06)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on stereotypes (05/05)
Seneca Nation sanctioned council member for incident at bar (05/05)
Rep. Albert Hale letter to President Obama about 'Geronimo' (05/05)
Oneida Nation statement on use of 'Geronimo' as codename (05/05)
Rep. Cole says military didn't have to use 'Geronimo' name (05/05)
Defense Department says 'Geronimo' was chosen randomly (05/05)
Former Aquinnah Wampanaog leader running for town seat (05/05)
Navajo president's statement on 'Geronimo' as codename (05/04)
Fort Sill Apache Tribe to President Obama about 'Geronimo' (05/04)
Seminole Tribe letter to President Obama about 'Geronimo' (05/04)
House Appropriations Committee hears from tribal leaders (05/04)
New York Senate creates new committee for tribal relations (05/04)
SCIA to address use of 'Geronimo' as codename at hearing (05/04)
Indian Democrats in Wisconsin challenging recall signatures (05/03)
Cheyenne-Arapaho governor battles to maintain leadership (05/03)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs hearing on stereotypes (05/03)
Mark Trahant: Debt limit debate matters to Indian Country (05/02)
House Appropriations Committee to host Indian witnesses (05/02)
Oneida Nation making history with its first primary election (05/02)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold hearing on racism (05/02)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation to elect new chairman on May 3 (04/29)
Cheyenne-Arapaho protest targets BIA in leadership fight (04/28)
Nebraska lawmakers weigh bill on tribal tobacco compacts (04/28)
Hopi Tribe removes treasurer after year-long suspension (04/27)
Cherokee Nation urges members to vote in tribal election (04/25)
Native candidate comes under fire for 'Holocaust' remark (04/22)
Navajo Nation won't recognize removal of chapter leaders (04/22)
Another candidate enters Mississippi Choctaw chief race (04/21)
Connecticut GOP apologizes for 'too many chiefs' remark (04/21)
New Hopi political group makes plans to remove chairman (04/20)
Sen. Murkowski opposes bill to change Native contracting (04/20)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing (04/19)
Supreme Court won't hear Winnemucca leadership dispute (04/18)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee roundtable on education (04/18)
Quileute Tribe cites tsunami threat in bid for land transfer (04/15)
Lawmaker seeks to cut provision for Oneida Nation liquor (04/15)
Interview: Melinda Gopher weighs bid for Senate or House (04/15)
Chairman and attorney general for Umatilla Tribes resign (04/15)
Obama administration won't fight a federal recognition bill (04/15)
United Keetoowah Band warns members about dual issue (04/15)
Watchdog: Minnesota tribes return $1.7M stimulus grant (04/14)
Bill authorizes water leases for Mescalero Apache Nation (04/14)
BIA budget largely staying the same in appropriations bill (04/13)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs hearing on three bills (04/13)
Southern Ute Tribe makes history with first woman as chair (04/13)
Chairwoman of Quileute Tribe will testify at Senate hearing (04/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing at Wind River (04/13)
Shinnecock Nation voters oust incumbent trustee in run-off (04/13)
Rhode Island governor opposes fix to land-into-trust decision (04/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on bills on Thursday (04/11)
BIA asks Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes to decide who's in charge (04/11)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 8(a) (04/08)
Federal shutdown would have broad impact in Indian Country (04/08)
Kevin Abourezk: Bill authorizes tobacco compacts in Nebraska (04/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves land-into-trust fix (04/08)
Agua Caliente Band reports result from recent council election (04/07)
Capitol Weekly: Roundup of tribal developments in California (04/07)
Winnebago executive to defend 8(a) program at SCIA hearing (04/07)
Shinnecock Nation holds first election after federal recognition (04/06)
Leaders of Shiprock Chapter on Navajo Nation pushed to resign (04/06)
New Mexico governor vetoes taxation bill by Navajo lawmaker (04/06)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe suspends council member (04/06)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider two bills at meeting (04/05)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 8(a) (04/05)
Kevin Abourezk: Lance Morgan to testify at Senate 8(a) hearing (04/04)
Navajo man named as New Mexico Secretary of Indian Affairs (04/01)
Ousted Snoqualmie council members win ruling in tribal court (04/01)
Governor of Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes disputes impeachment (04/01)
Echo Hawk 'strongly supports' fix to land-into-trust decision (03/31)
Witness list for House hearing on Indian energy development (03/31)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on SBA 8(a) program (03/31)
Bills introduced to fix Supreme Court land-into-trust decision (03/31)
Poarch Creeks head to Congress for land-into-trust legislation (03/31)
Members of Chippewa Cree Tribe frustrated with their leaders (03/30)
Sen. Conrad presses IHS director about care in North Dakota (03/30)
Chairman of Lumbee Tribe wants HUD to audit housing funds (03/29)
Sen. McCaskill failed to remit property taxes on private plane (03/29)
House Appropriations Committee hearings on BIA, IHS budget (03/28)
Native Sun News: Pipeline proposal back to the drawing board (03/25)
Utah governor says Indian Affairs official was 'insubordinate' (03/25)
Council at Lumbee Tribe fires administrator hired by chairman (03/25)
Cherokee Nation chief criticized for ads touting achievements (03/24)
Fort Peck Tribes chairman named to state wildlife commission (03/24)
Native Sun News: Lakota group pushes tribes on uranium bill (03/24)
California tribes among top donors in 2007-2008 political cycle (03/24)
Utah tribes demand apology for firing of Indian Affairs director (03/24)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe looks to benefit from coal swap bill (03/23)
Choctaw Nation Chief Greg Pyle begins re-election campaign (03/23)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe chooses a treasurer again (03/23)
Five candidates seek chairman's post for Southern Ute Tribe (03/23)
Candidate for Mississippi Choctaw chief challenges incumbent (03/22)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee hearing April 1 (03/21)
Utah tribes still worried about rail station near ancestral site (03/21)
Opinion: Montana lawmakers try to hinder tribal bison efforts (03/21)
Members of Crow Tribe vote to ratify water rights settlement (03/21)
Bill introduced to take Quileute Tribe away from tsunami zone (03/18)
Washington Republicans set sights on tribal gas tax compacts (03/18)
Members of Crow Tribe set for vote on water rights settlement (03/17)
North Dakota governor signs bill to protect 'Fighting Sioux' nick (03/17)
BIA losing school construction money despite a $1.3B backlog (03/16)
Special Trustee post stays vacant pending resolution of Cobell (03/16)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on budget (03/15)
Cherokee Nation set for election for principal chief, deputy chief (03/15)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee budget hearing (03/14)
North Dakota governor will sign bill to save 'Fighting Sioux' name (03/11)
Column: Montana could legalize use of traditional atlatls in hunts (03/11)
Sen. McCaskill used taxpayer funds to cover private plane flights (03/11)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe enlists ex-Rep. Delahunt as lobbyist (03/10)
Lummi Nation doesn't want BIA involved in talks over ferry lease (03/10)
Indian lawmaker pushes for defeat of bill to save 'Fighting Sioux' (03/10)
Philanthropy: Hoopa Valley Tribe station fears ax in federal funds (03/10)
10th Circuit hears argument in Wyoming Indian voting rights suit (03/10)
Lumbee Tribe moving toward shutdown in dispute with chairman (03/10)
Funds at United Tribes Technical College caught in budget debate (03/10)
Native Sun News: South Dakota Legislature approves tribal ID bill (03/09)
Lawmakers question Obama's cut to BIA loan guarantee program (03/09)
North Dakota Senate committee votes against Fighting Sioux bill (03/09)
Columbia River treaty tribes back bill to lethally remove sea lions (03/09)
Kevin Abourezk: Chuck Trimble discusses the ongoing Indian wars (03/09)
Lawmakers worried about action on genetically modified salmon (03/09)
Little Traverse Bay Bands to narrow field for four council positions (03/09)
New York tax collector 'prepared to enforce' tobacco tax on tribes (03/09)
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians re-elects five to committee (03/09)
Local official claims Chumash Tribe doesn't need land-into-trust (03/08)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs (03/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets budget hearing next week (03/07)
Tim Giago: Indian tribes the easy victim in national budget crisis (03/07)
Muscogee Nation Supreme Court won't remove judge from post (03/03)
Kevin Abourezk: Tribes in Nebraska oppose tobacco taxation bill (03/03)
Sen. Akaka, Indian Affairs chairman, announces retirement plan (03/03)
Rep. Young sets March 8 hearing on funding for Indian programs (03/01)
White House aide vows support for fix to land-into-trust decision (03/01)
NCAI hands out Indian Country Leadership Awards at DC session (03/01)
Nebraska bill would allocate $15K to address Whiteclay issues (03/01)
Utah tribes upset with governor's firing of Indian Affairs director (03/01)
House Resources Committee holds hearing on Interior budget (02/28)
Mark Trahant: Tribes tested by budget cuts to Indian programs (02/28)
Tribal leaders head to Washington for NCAI winter conference (02/28)
Kim Teehee: Collaborating with tribes to build a brighter future (02/28)
Cheyenne River Sioux man charts new territory with new post (02/25)
Navajo Nation president urged to reject lease for power plant (02/25)
Navajo Nation man opens front door to White House for tribes (02/25)
Interview with Rep. Young about Cabinet spot for Indian Affairs (02/24)
Quileute Tribe asks Sen. Cantwell to support federal land swap (02/24)
Bill introduced to ratify Blackfeet Nation water rights compact (02/24)
Republican lawmaker wants to put tobacco tax on Idaho tribes (02/24)
Donor who benefited in Soboba water settlement pleads guilty (02/24)
Seneca Nation looks to resolve issues with New York governor (02/23)
Idaho Republicans targeting tribes with tobacco taxation bill (02/22)
North Dakota House backs bill to save Fighting Sioux nickname (02/22)
Rep. Hanna urges BIA to kill Cayuga Nation land-into-trust bid (02/22)
Skull Valley Goshutes elect a new chairman and vice chairman (02/22)
Rep. Rahall to host tribal leaders roundtable in DC on March 2 (02/18)
Republicans press Obama to pull Arvo Mikkanen's nomination (02/18)
Native Sun News: Tribes urged to support bill for pipeline spills (02/18)
Idaho tribal policing bill fails by one vote after lengthy debate (02/18)
President of Rosebud Sioux Tribe disputes allegations in recall (02/18)
Montana tribes urge lawmakers to keep human service funds (02/17)
HUD Secretary addresses NAIHC conference in nation's capitol (02/17)
Native Sun News: Rep. Kristi Noem meets with tribal leadership (02/17)
Sen. Akaka takes up gavel of Senate Indian Affairs Committee (02/17)
Southern Ute Tribe schedules election of new chairman in April (02/16)
National American Indian Housing Council holds meeting in DC (02/16)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hosts first business meeting (02/16)
GOP bill eliminates funds for Office of Tribal Relations at USDA (02/15)
Elected officials of Cherokee Nation due for increase in salary (02/15)
Little Traverse Bay Bands leaders face another recall attempt (02/15)
Tulalip Tribes gears up for March election for board of directors (02/15)
Mark Trahant: Budget for Indian programs mostly a lost cause (02/15)
Obama administration cuts BIA budget request by 4.5 percent (02/14)
White House OMB posts documents for fiscal year 2012 budget (02/14)
Cheyenne River Sioux man named Secretary of Tribal Relations (02/11)
Secretary Salazar to present Interior Department's new budget (02/11)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe heads to polls for two council seats (02/11)
Wyoming bill appears to overturn victory in Indian voting case (02/11)
Sen. Kyl helped pass largest Indian water rights deal in history (02/11)
Chairman of Southern Ute Tribe confirms resignation from post (02/11)
Sen. Jon Kyl from Arizona announces decision to retire in 2012 (02/10)
Supporters defend Arvo Mikkanen from home-state opposition (02/10)
Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill wins vote after long hearing (02/10)
Chairman of Southern Ute Tribe faces pressure to resign position (02/10)
Idaho Council on Indian Affairs chooses new leaders at meeting (02/10)
Paskenta Band spent $25K on ads to back Republican candidate (02/10)
Navajo man named to White House Intergovernmental Affairs job (02/09)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules first business meeting (02/09)
NCAI president says 'politics' behind opposition to Arvo Mikkanen (02/09)
UND University Senate opposes bills to revive 'Fighting Sioux' nick (02/08)
Opinion: Arvo Mikkanen federal court nomination and the white man (02/07)
Sen. Akaka announces members of Senate Indian Affairs Committee (02/07)
Leech Lake Band rescinds unauthorized approval of power line deal (02/03)
New president of Navajo Nation agrees to repay tribe in funding flap (02/03)
Lac Du Flambeau council member sentenced for fourth DUI incident (02/03)
ATNI News: Tribes heartened by Obama's position on Indian issues (02/03)
Senate rebuffs attempt to repeal health reform law including IHCIA (02/03)
Obama nominates Arvo Mikkanen, Kiowa, to serve as federal judge (02/03)
New York budget cuts assistance to counties for Oneida Nation land (02/02)
Native Sun News: Altercation disrupts Oglala Sioux council meeting (02/02)
Lobbying firm that works for California tribes agrees to a $30K fine (02/02)
Sen. Inouye won't accept earmarks in appropriations for two years (02/02)
ProPublica: Alaska Native corporations giving work to outside firms (02/01)
Chief of Muscogee Nation to veto resolutions affecting tribal courts (02/01)
Lawmaker accuses GOP of trying to 'oppress' Indians in Montana (01/31)
Mark Trahant: Protecting the budget for Indian Country programs (01/31)
Members of Hopi Tribe rejects proposed changes to constitution (01/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe sued by a former chairman (01/28)
Lummi Nation fires manager after less than two years in the post (01/28)
Bill proposes to eliminate Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs (01/28)
APRN: NCAI president says Indian Country on the dawn of new era (01/28)
CNC: NCAI president discusses priorities in State of Indian Nations (01/28)
Interior Secretary Salazar declares intent to stay in Washington DC (01/27)
New chair of Quileute Tribe calls federal land swap a major priority (01/27)
Federal judge won't hear dispute among Snoqualmie Tribe leaders (01/27)
Sen. Akaka to serve as leader of Senate Indian Affairs Committee (01/26)
Justice Department nominee has experience with Indian law cases (01/26)
Four Democrats on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee (01/26)
South Dakota bill assists veterans with tuition for tribal colleges (01/25)
South Dakota governor promises to fill tribal relations secretary (01/25)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski to deliver response to State of Indian Nations (01/25)
Six Republicans on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee (01/25)
Hopi Tribe heads to the polls on Thursday to vote on constitution (01/25)
Navajo Nation Council chooses Johnny Naize to serve as speaker (01/25)
House Natural Resources Committee to hold first meeting of year (01/24)
Skull Valley Band set to elect a new chairman and vice chairman (01/24)
Charles Trimble: What Native journalism means in Indian Country (01/24)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe once again lobbying for law enforcement bill (01/21)
Rep. Young advances agenda for Indian and Alaska Native Affairs (01/21)
Tule River Tribe reports large turnout for council member election (01/20)
Democrats set members of House Natural Resources Committee (01/20)
Republican-controlled House votes to repeal law including IHCIA (01/20)
Arizona court backs redistricting pick who works as a tribal judge (01/20)
President Obama names 3 to Indian Law and Order Commission (01/19)
Bill honoring the Hopi Code Talkers advances in Arizona Senate (01/19)
Sen. Lieberman expected to announce decision to retire in 2012 (01/19)
Sen. Kent Conrad from North Dakota announces decision to retire (01/18)
Gillette exits White House for BIA deputy assistant secretary job (01/17)
Vice chairman of Lummi Nation resigns after less than two months (01/17)
Mark Trahant: Real fight over health care reform all about funding (01/17)
Leech Lake Band sets February recall election for council member (01/13)
New president of Navajo Nation reaches settlement in fraud case (01/11)
North Dakota Republicans aim to keep 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (01/11)
Tom DeLay, former House majority leader, sentenced to 3 years (01/11)
MPR: Leech Lake Band official faces removal over $2.4M loan deal (01/07)
Nominee for Department of Justice has experience with Indian law (01/06)
Seneca Nation leaders hoping for better relationship with governor (01/06)
Republicans take control of House with new leaders on key panel (01/06)
Sen. Murkowski officially sworn in after legal battles end in Alaska (01/06)
Muscogee Nation in dispute over operation of tribal court system (01/05)
Native Sun News: Former Oglala Sioux president seeks new post (01/05)
President Obama signs Pueblo land and leasing measures into law (01/05)
CNC: Indian Country reflects on major year and looks to the future (01/03)